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Hi everyone. I’ve just signed up for general information and any advice on my arthritis. I’ve got severe arthritis in my right elbow and left hip and right knee. My elbow was due to an RTA years ago but everywhere else has come on in the last year. I’m 57, ex RAF for 30 years and started self employment 2 years ago as a Handyman which probably hasn’t helped!

So things are now difficult and painful. I’ve tried CBD oil on top of painkillers and morphine but didn’t see much improvement and it’s expensive! Anyway that’s me and generally just getting on with it as best I can like everyone one else I imagine!


  • Mike1
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    Greetings fellow crab!

  • Jona
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    Hi Sandman33

    Lovely to virtually meet you, like you I think I’ve tried everything drug wise and nope nothing seems to work, talking to others really helps and knowing your not alone you could ask your gp for referral to pain clinic it may help

    anyhoo welcome and take care we shouldn’t have to just get on with it really 😊

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    Hi @Sandman33

    Welcome from me too. It's great to meet you - Happy St David's Day from sunny Wales!

    Here is a link about pain management which I hope you will find helpful - there are lots of ideas for help that doesn't involve lots of medication too, my favourite is a wheat bag which you can put in the microwave and use to soothe the joints that are most painful.

    Do remember to check with your Health care team or pharmacist when you take any new medications to make sure they won't interfere with each other.

    Looking forward to reading your posts around the different categories!

    Take care

    Yvonne x

  • Sandman33
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    Thanks Yvonne and all for those messages of help and support. Sometimes I run out of ideas to help the pain as I do regular exercise with bits of physical work and dog walking so any suggestion is worth a read!

    I get a lot of pain in my upper right arm which is throbbing right now. I think it’s referred pain from my arthritic elbow joint so will try the wheat bag on it as painkillers are not helping 🤔