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I developed arthritis in my right hip quite suddenly last year. I have delayed going to my GP. What can he do? I have two questions to start with:

Is it better to have little walks every day, or longer walks every other day or two days?

Does Apple Cider vinegar help arthritis?

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.


  • Anna
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    Hi @Grandmar and welcome to the online community,

    So you've developed arthritis in your hip quite suddenly and have delayed going to the GP. You have a couple of questions about walking and taking apple cider vinegar.

    You've certainly come to the right place for friendly and helpful advice about all sorts of arthritis related issues - all our members have experienced arthritis in their lives and will be happy to welcome you and share the benefit of their experience.

    It's interesting that you have delayed visiting your GP. Is there a reason for this? The first step is usually consulting your GP so that you can plan your treatment together. Self help is really important of course, and there's a lot of information about exercise and cider vinegar. You'll find that everyone's experience is different so it's good that you read and ask as much about it as you can and then make your own decision - preferably in tandem with GP or rheumatology team.

    Here are a couple of links to the Versus Arthritis pages on walking and alternative supplements:

    Do let us know how you're getting on,

    Anna (mod) : )

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    Hi Grandmar,

    Welcome to the forum! I joined this week and looking forward to some advice and support when needed like you I’m sure.

    On a similar theme I developed steady growing pains in my left hip and right knee last August (have already had severe arthritis in my right elbow for years after an RTA so recognised the pain. I didn’t hang around to see the GP as he arranged XRays immediately which were then followed up with a diagnosis of arthritis (severe in my hip, normal in my knee), 2 MRIs on my hip to rule out other problems and a consultant appointment for my elbow! So I wouldn’t delay seeing your GP for any action that might be needed. I’m waiting now for 3 separate referrals all of which will take some months I’m sure given COVID so I wouldn’t hand around in getting on any lists etc.

    As far as exercise goes I have found small regular amounts of exercise works for me with a lie down during the afternoon when necessary if possible.

    I haven’t heard about cider vinegar before being new to this game in some respects so will have a look into this as well.

    All the best and apparently arthritis can get better by itself!

  • Grandmar
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    Thank you Anna and Sandman33.

    It has cheered me up reading your responses. I haven't been to the GP yet mainly because of Covid but also hearing about the number of people now waiting for hip replacements, I thought I would wait until things settle down again. I've never found my GP very helpful or sympathetic towards me. He always seems to be in a hurry and I don't think he really listens. Over the past year, apart from the arthritis, I have other problems which I ought to discuss with a Doctor, but the more problems I get, the more reluctant I am to make an appointment, as I can't decide which one problem is worse than the others! Stupid I know!

    Of course you are right, and I have a review next month, so perhaps I will make an appointment face to face for that, if I'm allowed to!

    There is such a wealth of information on this site, I think dipping and reading what's here will be very beneficial.

    I would love to think that my arthritis would get better by itself! Positive thinking!

    Best wishes!

  • Lilymary
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    Hi @Grandmar, from a fellow hip sufferer. Don't put off going to your GP. Yes the waiting lists are long, so all the more reason to put yourself on it! If he's not very helpful, see someone different in the practice. Too many are not sympathetic to long term pain sufferers. Even one of my ortho surgeons was dismissive - I changed to a different one. I've paid my NI all my working life, I want a Doc who will engage with my medical conditions.

    If you have a lot of things to talk through, ask for a double appointment, take a list so you can focus, and take notes.

    Arthritis doesn't get better by itself, positive thinking is helpful, but you still have to deal with what's happening to your body. There are things you can do, as you're finding out from this site.

    As for little or long walks, do what works for you. Sadly I can't do either now, it's all far too painful. But keeping good muscle tone is important. Look up Lets Move with Leon for enjoyable light exercise at home that will loosen up stiff joints and bones, and help tone your muscles to help support your joint.

  • Grandmar
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    Thank you Lilymary. I have made a GP appointment - it's a telephone one to start with! Hopefully I will get to SEE the doctor at some point. I do suffer dreadfully with stiffness as well as pain so I will check out Lets Move with Leon. Thank you.