Twitching when falling asleep


Hi all,

I’m just wondering if anyone suffers from twitching before they fall asleep/doze and then jolts with terrible pain because it hurts the arthritic area? In my case since I developed severe arthritis in my hip I tend to have a rest in the afternoon but suffer terribly from the above which somewhat ruins the point of a rest period because I just go round in circles 🙄 maybe it’s my diet or something? Any thoughts would be great 👍



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  • Elmbow
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    These sound like myoclonic jerks which are totally normal. It's unfortunate that you have joint pain that means they hurt. You can try to avoid them by staying well hydrated and avoiding alcohol. They can be brought on by medication, especially antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs. They might be something you have to live with like I do, so the best bet is to treat your joint pain so they're not as bothersome. Always speak to a doctor though and don't rely on randos on the internet for medical advice, obvs.

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    Many thanks Elmbow,

    I agree with you in that it’s just particularly unfortunate they coincide with joint pain and seem to shake my joints apart when they happen. I’m still getting my head round diets and fluids and what helps and doesn’t help but that’s not exactly clear science. But I heed your advice and also the useful info posted earlier about arthritis and diets. In the meantime I will try and stay dehydrated and perhaps keep a diary of when the sporadic jerks take place and what my meds and diet has been during that period.

    All the best with your issues

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    My legs twitch occasionally as well, not necessarily when it is bedtime, sometimes I get relief by stamping my feet on the floor as hard as I can whilst balancing on crutches! Damned annoying.

  • Lilymary
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    We call it “jumpy legs” and for us it’s always a sign we need to go to bed. It is a shame that the involuntary movements get your dodgy joints though. Perhaps try to go to bed before you get so tired that it triggers these jerks?

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    Hi I suffered with restless leg syndrome that slowly got worse where I would b up all night. Doctors prescribed pramipexole which has stopped it happening. Might b a gd idea to talk to ur GP.