My mother suffers enormously with oestoarthritis in her hip, do you know of anything to help her?


I am so glad this group exists, as I want to find a way to relieve my mother’s pain of arthritis, which reduces her to tears daily. She has used an assortment of medication, glucosamine, arthritis gels, joint gels, arnica oil, you name it my mother has tried it. I hate seeing her in pain. My mother is in her 70’s and takes tablets for her cholesterol too. I have suggested CBD to my mother but the doctor said she can’t take it with her tablets. It annoys me that the doctors are so limited in their views and opinions. My mother struggles to go up the stairs daily, she finds it hard to do any daily activities. I want to do my own research on how we can combat arthritis as I hate the suffering my mother has to endure. I have also been diagnosed with oestoarthritis in the knee and it hurts like a bitch at times, but I want to see my mum enjoy the rest of her life with no arthritis or pain.


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    Hello and welcome to the forum

    I see from your post that your mother suffers a lot of pain with her arthritis and that is is making her daily life difficult and that you want to research how you can help and also that you also are suffering with knee pain.

    Our website contains a lot of useful information and I would recommend having a look at it and also using the search. To help with take a look at the following as they may prove helpful.

    Do keep posting and let us know how you get on, you may find others in the forum with similar problems and experience that can help.

    Best wishes


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    Thankyou for this. She has used the website for ideas but not with much luck and the pain is there everyday for her with treatments she does! I will send her to this link. Thanks.

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    Hi I have osteoarthritis and fibromalgia & Spinal stenosis I’m 51 both knees replaced and having another operation on the 16th March on my knee replacement will be my 5 th op on that knee as my bone is crumbling around outside & they need to find out why and I have corrosion on my knee replacement so not bending well at mo I’m dragging it . I find rubbing vic menthol rub in my joints helps smells a bit but really good 4 easing the pain or mix black pepper essential oil and coconut oil together and make a rub really good I have also found changing my diet has helped pain changed my bread to gluten free and have nothing with wheat in or oats as increases my pain loads have full fat Greek youghurt for breakfast and fruit or nuts has decreased my pain walking a pool is good when there open again plus steam rooms really good for relaxing the muscles hope she finds some ease in her pain as this morning I feel as though I have crashed into a bus my body is aching so much I know how she feels ugly good days and bad days weather makes a lot of difference though sending 💖2 your mum

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    Hi @Neilfinn79

    Good to see you. I'm linking to the hip replacement operation, it might be your Mum would be able to get this. You would go via the GP who might take x-rays or similar. You might also ask for some pain relief for your Mum too.

    Hope it helps

    Wazz xx