Spine exercisers

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I'm 82 and suffer from arthritis of the spine, I can only walk with a stick and only for twenty minutes , I easy loose my balance and have fallen a couple of times so I can't do anything physical , I have always loved my gardens but now my wife who is 10 years younger than me has to do it . Is there any type or exercise I can do to help or any medication I can take, except for my spine problem I am still reasonably fit. Very very frustrated. James Dixon.


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    I've found some exercises publised by the MS society of exercises you can do while lying down, which might help - you could do these in bed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_ElNglEgRY

    From having done a couple of weeks of the Let's move with Leon program (I need to do more) I can say the ones I've seen have been ones which you can do standing or sitting on a chair, and the standing ones you can do while holding on to something to help your balance. I understand some of the later weeks have more floor exercises, but you can skip those and do the exercises which work for you. I'd have a look - they send you an email a week with a link to videos for exercise, and you do as much as you are comfortable doing.


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    Hi I wounder if Leon as any exercises for arthritis in the spine that can help me , thank you