I have just been diagnosed with R A in both hands waiting for injections

can anyone tell me if they work and roughly how long

Also have O A in hip and knee just getting over Bursitis in my hip

What sort of work would anyone recommend

Or am I entitled to claim Thanks Peonie


  • Shell_H
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    Hi Peonie,

    If you are not in work you are always entitled to claim Universal Credit, regardless of your wellness state. How much you get is very variable, depending on if you are in a relationship, what income you get (taxable income that is) and so on. But you can claim. If you are entitled to housing benefit (help with mortgage or rent) this is included in Universal Credit now. It can take into account health conditions - this seems to effect what your commitments are. You may not have to look for a job if they recognise your health condition makes it hard to do so.

    You can also apply for PIP - this is for people who have a chronic condition which affects their day to day life. Arthritis definitely counts. There is a large questionnaire to fill in, and you can use it to explain how your condition affects you in many ways, including how it affects you mentally and what knock-on effects that has on your ability to look after yourself. There may also be an assesment (they are currently doing telephone assesments). You may well have to wait a few months to hear back from them.

    Your council may be able to help with ocuncil tax payments if you're on low income - you have to contact them separately.

    You haven't said how your arthritis effects your ability to move, but I'm going to make a wild guess that it's harder to move your affected joints and they're painful. So I'm guessing your hip makes more physical, standing up jobs harder. If you can stil ltype comfortably with your hands then an office job might work, but as you do have RA in your hands maybe not. I'm not an expert on other tyoes of jobs, but you may be able to find something which works for you. Think about what you enjoy and are good at. Listening and talking are still fine, so maybe soemthing to do with a telephone?

    I'm guessing you mean steroid injections for your hands. Most people say they do have an effect, but it varies as to how long it lasts. Hopefully somoene on here with experience of steroid injectiopns will be able to share.


  • Peonie
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    Thanks for your reply I’m very very grateful