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Hello everyone i am jamie 33, im new to this community.

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis 2 years ago.

I had my left hip operated on last july due to osteoarthritis and it was a complete success, although the second op for the right side has been postponed since, i have severe pain in the lower back due to this,

I have spoken to my surgeon and his response was very short and to the point no operations longer waiting list at the moment.

I would like to ask anybody who has had double hip replacement if it eased the lower back pain after?

Also i have been out of work for over a year now and id like to find out if there are any support groups to help ease my journey back to work living with a condition.


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    Hi @Jamieboz - Welcome to the online community!

    You've been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis a couple of years ago, and had one very successful hip operation, but your second hip replacement has since been postponed, and as such your lower back has been in sever pain for a long time. You've been told that there are just long waiting times, and you're wondering if anyone else who has had both hips replaced could say if that has helped with the back pain, and if there are any support groups.

    With regards to waiting lists, sadly they have been increased accross the board. Some people have reported success with a polite call to the surgeon every week, so that if there are any cancellations your name is at the top of the receptionists memory. Given you've already had one hip replacement this information may not be necersary for you, but I have provided the link to our hip replcement page which may give you some more information.

    The good news is the Versus Arthritis does have a large number of local groups around the country - have a look here: https://www.versusarthritis.org/in-your-area/ You can get in touch with them and see what is available in your own area. Sadly with lockdown there has been a lack of actual meeting up, but things are still being organised - I know in my area, for example, there is now a weekly chair exercise group online, which is also a chat and see other people by viedo group. Your local GP, hospital or library may also know of other local groups who could help.

    Do have a look around and join in the rest of the community. We're a friendly bunch.

    Lovely to meet you!


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    Before this last lockdown, I was told 8 months, but I'm afraid I've been told by three different surgeons since then at two different hospitals that the waiting lists are at least 12 -18 months, but to ask again in 2-3 months, as they will have a better idea once they start catching up with themselves. They can't sugar coat this, they're having to say it over and over every day, and I don't suppose they like seeing the expression of horror on their patients' faces. I saw a medics' webinar on the effects of the pandemic on ortho-surgery waiting lists, and it was clear that the doctors are deeply and genuinely concerned for the welfare of their patients having to wait so long.

    Several of the surgeons have asked if my hip was giving back pain, so I guess it is a side effect they recognise. I've been getting it lately, but it's hard to know whether it's my hip doing it or "just one of those things"

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    Lilymary - for me, lower back pain is something I've had from my late 20s - and now 71 with a VERY arthritic right hip too. The last x-ray of BOTH hips only showed a bit of the lower back problem which is where it all started. But at least a hip replacement will hopefully halve the pain. I haven't even got onto the waiting list (as far as I know) because the Kidderminster Hospital's Pain Clinic has had me waiting since well before lockdown for a 2nd steroid jab into my hip and the last x-rays (ordered by my GP) show (according to her) that there is no chance of getting a needle into the joint. Luckily, I can afford to go private (I hope) and have an initial consultation with a very good surgeon next week. Sadly, almost all hospital treatment has been stopped by the virus and/or lockdown. I might be worried about going to hospital immediately, even having had first vaccine shot 3 weeks ago - 2nd is next month. That appears to be the only thing NHS is proving good at!

  • Hello @JGeorge1,

    Welcome to the online community! I'm glad you've decided to join us and it is lovely to see you offering your insights to other members.

    I see that you have back pain as a result of the arthritis in your hips and that you are hoping to get a hip replacement. Here's a link with some tips for managing back pain:

    Why not introduce yourself in the Say Hello forum? It's a great way to get to know people with related experiences and I'm sure you will be warmly welcomed.

    Do keep us updated on your progress with the surgeon, I hope they are able to find a way to help you and that the wait isn't too much longer.

    Best wishes,

    Sarah (moderator) x

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    SarahGF - thank you. Nice to find a community that shares a problem and tries to help others with same/similar problems. Pain really gets you down when the painkillers hardlt touch you. I enjoy a good hot Radox-type bath, but lately just getting in and out rather wipe out the good feeling you get while in it.

    Will update you on how I get on with the surgeon (Mr Nadim Aslam at Spire, Worcester.) My only concern is that he might think the rest of me is too crocked for surgery to be effective/safe. I got the appointment within 7 days, and there were no warnings of major delay in surgery. I couldn't take the time for it before May at the earliest (mare foaling to attend to) - I suspect I will be able to pretty much pick my time!