Reaction to a steroid injection. Does this mean I shouldn't have any more?

I've got OA in various joints, including my shoulders. These have become more painful this year and, about 10 months ago my GP gave me a steroid injection into the most painful shoulder and it worked really well. I've had a lot of steroid injections into my hands before I, eventually, had trapeziectomies. I had never had any side effects until the shoulder injection. That night I only slept for about two hours and was then wide awake for the rest of the night, which, I read can be a side effect of a steroid.. When I got up, my shoulder, neck and cheeks were bright red and stayed that way for three days. As is the way with steroid injections, the pain is back in both shoulders, which are sore to lie on at night. I'm going to mention this reaction to the GP if he suggests another steroid injection, but am wondering if this indicates I shouldn't have any more. Have others had a reaction like this?


  • Tish87
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    When I was first diagnosed my consultant gave me a steroid injection, depo-medrone or something like that. Within 2 mins of getting it I came out in hives, had a pounding headache and tight chest so they sent me round to A&E but after waiting another 2 hrs to be seen there I had went back to normal and didn’t even need an antihistamine lol but they have put it on my notes I’m allergic to it and I’ve been told I’ll never be allowed another one again which totally sucks cus I’ve been going through a massive flare for over a year now and they can’t find the right meds to bring it under control :(

    if I were u I would mention it anyhu but hopefully as it’s not a severe reaction u might still be allowed it or even a different version of it lol

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    Thanks Tish. Pleased that you were OK, must have been quite frightening to react like that. The steroid injections I had into my thumbs worked for quite a few years, before I had to have surgery. I will definitely mention my reaction, though, if I'm offered it again.