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Ankle replacement or Fusion?

Hello I'm new..... would like to ask you opinions and experiences Has anyone had an ankle replacement or Fusion? I've had an ankle distraction that sadly hasn't worked. Now have to decide between Ankle Fusion or Replacement...all I want is not to have any pain and to be able to walk my dogs again..in the sun and on long walks...

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  • Shell_HShell_H Moderator Posts: 251
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    Hi @Sarah688788 - welcome to the online community!

    You're wondering what an ankle replacement or fusion is like as you have had a ankle distraction and it hasn't worked out for you. You're wondering which would work best for you given you want to have your movement back again and want to go on long walks with your dogs.

    From what I have read the ankle replacement gives more mobility but is more risky. We do have information on them here:

    The ankle replacement can give greater mobility and recovers quicker from the surgery, but you will need to have it replced again as they don't have a long lifespan (around 10-15 years at present). The ankle fusion takes longer to recover from surgery, and your joint may have reduced mobility (although you should still be able to be active). But you don't need to replace it.The reduced movement can change how you walk and may cause further deteriation of your joints. It is, however, a permanent solution.

    I'm sure some of our members who have had one or the other of these surgeries will come on and give advice. Do have a look around the rest of the community and see if you can find something you would be interested in joining in - we're a friendly group.

    Lovely to meet you!


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