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I have been diagnosed with RA for about three years.I take my meds but feel so tired all the time and also suffer with brain fog much to my wife's annoyance.The other thing that does not help is my sex drive has driven off and left me.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks


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    Hi @Jock56. Such much for sex and drugs, hope the rock and roll is still good though.

    I don't mean to make light of your situation. It is miserable. Have you spoken with your doc about adjusting your meds?

    As for sex, have you tried making an "appointment" with your partner and conserving your energies and enthusiasm for "the big event", rather than tacking it onto the end of the day "if I've got enough energy left"? We do have to prioritise how we use our limited energy reserves, so maybe put all else aside for the day and allocate it for something more enjoyable.

    You may also be dealing with pain - so try different positions. You could make it a bit of a giggle if that helps. Or you may just be feeling different about yourself as a result of your condition. You're the same person with the same body you had before, it just works differently. I don't suppose your partner has changed their view of you in the same way. Be kind to your body, and to yourself, set up a date night, and see what happens. (I won't expect you to report back!)

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    Hi Jock,

    The brain fog and tired all the time sounds a lot like side effects of your medication - definitely worth checking out the documentation which came with it and talking to your doctor. These symptoms could easily be causing a lack of sex drive as well. It's well worth talking to your doctor, as there are many different medications you could use, so if these are causing problems they can give you others. Don't suffer in silence.


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    Hi @Jock56

    Thank you for posting on the helpline forum. 

    I am sorry that RA is having such an impact on your quality of life. Thanks to Lilymary and Shell_H for their support and advice. It is so important to reach out for support and I’m pleased you recognise that this is a safe place in which to do so.

    Pain and fatigue can affect your mood and general well-being which, in turn, can affect your sex drive and enjoyment of sex and other activities and interests that you share with your partner. You may also find the information on the link below helpful.

    You are very welcome to call us on our freephone helpline: 0800 5200 520 so you can talk things through with one of our helpline team. We can support you with having a more informed discussion your rheumatologist about the symptoms you are continuing to experience, which suggests that your RA is not well-controlled and that a medication review would be helpful.  

    I hope this is helpful.

    Best wishes


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