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I have awful osteoarthritis in left hip and severe in right hip (surgeon's words) with left leg shorter than right arising from a combination of degenerative scoliosis and pelvic tilt. The last year for me has been pretty awful due to the pain. I cannot walk very far at all and find everyday tasks exceedingly difficult. I live on my own in a first floor flat and life is really getting me down at present. I know there are many people on here much worse off than me which I try to remember but sadly it's not helping my general mood. Any tips and advice about how to stay positive until I reach the top of what I am sure is a very long waiting list for operations would be most welcome.


  • Hello @Figgy,

    Welcome to the Online Community! I'm so glad you've decided to join us.

    I can see that you have had a lot of pain, especially within the last year, and that you are finding everyday tasks difficult. Understandably, this is also affecting your mood.

    If you are struggling at home, you might like to see an occupational therapist who will be able to provide you with practical help so that you can maintain your independence while feeling more safe and comfortable in your flat. According to the NHS website, you can ask your GP for a referral or you can reach out to your local council to see an occupational therapist. Here's some more info:

    Some people find practising mindfulness can be helpful for their mood in general, here's a link if you are interested:

    And of course, feeling isolated is not great for anyone's mental health. So I encourage you to continue to engage with the Online Community - it can help to know that you are not alone. In addition, you can call the Versus Arthritis helpline for free on week days from 9am to 8pm at 0800 5200 520 if you'd like to speak to someone and get advice.

    Please keep us updated, it's lovely to hear from you.

    Best wishes,

    Sarah (moderator) x

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    Hi @Figgy , sorry to hear you’re feeling so low right now. I’ve got OA in both hips, right one not a problem atm, but the left one is a write off and hugely painful and limiting as you describe. I suspect we’re similar in that the effects of the pandemic on our lives have been as nothing compared to the havoc our hips have wreaked. I can just about work still, but nothing like my “old” levels, (luckily I’m self-employed so can pick and choose what I do, but my workload is down by almost half as a result). I can potter in the garden, but can’t go for walks any more and even a supermarket trip is hard work now.

    it can get you really low, but these periods do pass eventually. Mindfulness can be helpful, but self-care is really important too, recognise that your body and your mental health need help, and cut yourself a lot of slack until you’re feeling stronger again. Basically, nurse yourself as if it was a loved one you are caring for. If it gets really bad, seek outside help, friends, family, or professional help. Some counsellors are giving online consultations, if you feel that is what you need. Or ring the helpline here if you want to talk to someone who knows how this feels. Otherwise just talking to people who care about you, and having a laugh with them, can lessen the burden, and help you see beyond the pain you’re feeling.

    Distraction is really important for taking your focus away from the pain. Find any pastime that you enjoy, even find some new ones, something you can absorb yourself in, it will not only lift your spirits, you will also realise you haven’t noticed the pain for a while, and it helps to break the vicious cycle.

    i hope these help a bit. Yes, there are many on here who are much worse off than us, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need or deserve help. Xx