Clinical study


Covid vaccine being tested in patients with low immunity


I read about the above clinical study earlier this week which was interesting. I’d be happy to take part as a psoriatic arthritis patient using adalimumab but I have no idea how you actually do this? Has anyone here taken part in a study before and how did you volunteer?

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  • RichardGuy
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    I have aids (recovering to hiv level soon) my immune system is very low and I, in parallel, developed rheumatoid arthritis. I had tbe vaccine 2 weeks ago. No problem.

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    Could hiv meds help with low immunity by supressing all known and unknown retroviruses. T-cells are the common link between arthritis and hiv is it worth a try. Hiv drugs are now practically free from side effects and restore T-cell function by removing a destructive virus. Perhaps an unknown destructive virus causing some dsmage may be equally affected bg the same drugs. Its possible and little harm would come of trying it. Biktarvy is a low risk choice to try Nothing ventured....

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    Hi pilgrimchris

    i think if you go onto trials they may have some info there

    Jona 😊