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I have arthritis of the lower spine and si joint . I would like to ask what is the best treatment for pain long term . I was diagnosed ten years ago but my gp refuses to let me see a specialist , is there a department that deals with arthritis of the spine as different gps at my surgery have given me different ideas on what is wrong with my spine and without a clear course of long term treatment .

Rachel Whale


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    Welcome Rachel ( @RWhale ) to the online community,

    You have suffered with arthritis of the spine for a long time and have been given a variety of opinions from your G.Ps without clear guidance about the long term treatment that might be available. If your own G.P is unwilling to refer you to a specialist, you could ask for a second opinion and /or an MRI scan. Alternately you could ask to go to a Pain Management Clinic if there is one within reach.

    I attach two links that you might find helpful Back pain | Causes, exercises, treatments | Versus Arthritis pain | Causes, exercises, treatments | Versus Arthritis

    In one of them there is mention of "Lets Move", this is an online exercise programme which is proving to be very popular with many of our members, There are numbers who struggle with similar conditions and who will be able to share their thoughts and experiences to help and support you. Meanwhile take your time to browse round the website and join us in the wide variety of forums available.

    We look forward to hearing how you progress with your quest for a clearer course of action and treatment.

    Take care

    Poppyjane (Moderator)

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    I have widespread OA which includes the whole of my spine. Ask for a referral to your local Pain Clinic, they have more experience of OA and will be able to try different meds and treatments for you.

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    Can you self-refer to physiotherapy where you are? You need doctor supervision too but in the meantime physiotherapists are often excellent at really getting to the source of pain and working out something to help.