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Hi I am new to this group but feel so alone and down I just feel I need some support and hear from other people who are suffering.

im 50 years old and struggled with arthritis since I was around 37 years old. I have had to hip replacements, one of which I am getting surgery for again. I also had a wrist fusion due to my arthritis. My knee is the worst as it is osteo and I have fluid on it and have to have it drained ever 12 weeks and have steroid injections. I am due one this week but been desperate for it for the last 2 weeks. I can hardly walk, I’m not sleeping and feel trapped.

anyone out there feel like I do and is suffering like me .... I am sure you all are I just feel so alone and don’t feel I get any help or support or pain management either.


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    Hi Shell, you are not alone, I often feel what is the point of it all. I have widespread OA, in constant pain despite ever increasing doses of morphine, don't sleep for more than 2 - 3 hours a night and am a wheelchair user who has now had his driving licence withdrawn by the DVLA on disability grounds. I live alone and am virtually housebound BUT the saving grace is that I have a cat! Rather than focusing on what you can't do (I am 62 and have gone from a very fit Veteran to a cripple) focus on what you can. I make models although I can only manage for about 10 - 20 minutes at a time; I like sitting in my back garden reading a book and I have put a bird feeder in front of my lounge window so I can watch the birdies. I have a Home Help who comes once a week and we spend most of her time here nattering!