viral arthritis


Morning all . I have just discovered the forum :)

I was diagnosed with reactive or viral arthritis in Dec . Ive been seeing the rheumatologist and my inflammation levels are down with steroids which I am now also reducing but I still have a very sore swollen thumb and my elbows still hurt on the inner aspect .

i am no stranger to arthritis having had two knee replacements but ive been fit and well since and am active. Mu questions are : Has anyone else experienced this and what did you find helped . I dont want to stay on steroids long term . I have been discharged by the rheumatologist but can go back if I need to.

Has anyone tried acupuncture? thumb splints? compression for elbows

I look forward to hearing your thoughts :)

Thank you


  • Jona
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    Hi Aquariussonia63:

    I have worn wrist and thumb splints for 6 years now get in the way of things like work and driving but they do help with the pain a bit tbh, I also wear a sleeve on my elbow I put a heating pad over the elbow it soothes but doesn’t cure, can I ask you say it is virul arthritis would you happen to know what your crp blood levels are?

    hope this helps take care

    Jona 😊