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I'm on a biologic med and have not been called up to receive the vaccine. The receptionist at the GPs surgery has passed my details on but I am not confident about getting a result. How can I argue my case that I am eligible, even according to the government Green book? The area is on the over 50s now and I can't book online as my details aren't accepted...



  • Hi peelap, thank you for your question, it’s understandable if you’re feeling worried about not being contacted yet for the Covid-19 vaccination.

    I think you’ve done the right thing by contacting your GP practice, but you could also try calling 119, which is the NHS covid-19 helpline where they can also book in a vaccination appointment for those who may not be able to use the internet, or in your case where your details aren’t being accepted on the website.

    According to the information on the British Society for Rheumatology, which is in collaboration with the Green Book, they determine that those in a high-risk group should be vaccinated in group 6, and this should include people with inflammatory types of arthritis who take immunosuppressant medication like biologics. As the vaccination phase is now moving into group 8 (people aged 56 and over) it would stand to reason that you should have received a letter from the NHS about your vaccination appointment. Below is a link to our information on the covid-19 vaccination rollout which we keep updated with any developments:

    Hopefully, your GP or 119 will be able to offer some more advice getting a slot booked for your vaccination, but if you’re still having difficulty then do feel free to call us on the helpline (0800 5200 520 – 9am-8pm, Mon-Fri) and we will always try to help you find a way forward.

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  • peelap
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    Just tried 119 and they said they use the same system as the website, so if I'm not accepted on there, then there's nothing they can do. Still waiting to hear from the GP. I'm worried that I will be told to wait until my age group is called, which will be in the summer as I'm not 50 when I am definitely group 6 by virtue of anti-tnf meds.

  • I would message your gp throu the practice website !

    ive just had a steroid shot and awaiting going on methotrexate and another drug can’t remember what it’s called spoke to receptionist she said no so I message the dr to explain it would be sensible to have the covid jab before starting on the medication and she agreed and I was vaccinated just over a week ago !

    please keep pushing you are entitled to have it in group 6 !

  • peelap
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    I've just had a conversation with the Covid nurse who said I will get a call when they get more vaccine in, but they don't know when that will be - could be weeks! They don't use the online system so they don't know how to release my information so I can book at a mass vaccination centre, and they can't issue a letter for me to do so. GP is ringing later after looking into it. I said that at this rate I might as well wait for my age group turn - it'll probably happen quicker! SO frustrating - I had to argue to get a GP to look into it as she was going to leave me hanging! So much for being in a priority group!!