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I have severe OA in my hip, diagnosed in October last year and I suffered what I assumed to be a flare up just after Christmas. The increased pain/lack of movement etc, however is still with me and we're now into March. I'm inexperienced in all of this and just wondered...can a flare up last this long? Or is it just that the arthritis has suddenly got worse and how I am now, is how I'll stay?


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    Hi @Whiskey26 I have not been able to walk without a limp for 2 years and I have pain every single day so it could be that it is either a flare or could of got worse I'm still trying to understand everything myself my mind still thinks I'm 21 and my body feels like a 70 year old haha🤣

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    Hi @Jewels you sound like me! My brain says I'm still young fit and able, but to see me trying to do simple things like walking and bending, I feel about 90. In fact, I have a friend who I used to volunteer with at a charity shop. She's 87 in June and she's as fit as a fiddle. No aches, no pains, walks for miles. She's like someone half her age. I find myself getting very jealous of people who can do the things I can't.

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    Yh I know what you mean I watch people walking past me and think I'd give anything to be able to do that again I've got 5 kids and I've always walked everywhere with them and they used to tell me to slow down now they say I'm like a snail lool at least we've still got our sense of humour and hopefully after r hip replacement whenever that will be we shall storm to the shop haha keep your chin up mate we'll get there 👍😁


    Hi Whiskey26

    Thank you for posting on the forum. I’m so sorry to hear that you are still experiencing increased pain and lack of movement. You say that you are inexperienced in this, so I wonder if it might be helpful for you to give us a call on our helpline: 0800 5200 520 (weekdays 9am – 8pm) here we can take our time to talk about the self-management of OA and any concerns you may have. Sometimes talking concerns through can make managing them a little easier.

    With regards to having a flare up everyone is different as is experiencing a flare, so for one it might be a couple of days for others longer. You could try some gentle strengthening and stretching exercises and for pain relief you could try Capsaicin cream, this is a well-tolerated pain reliever if used regularly and is available on prescription. This must be used as directed and continuously used to start to notice the benefit. You could also speak to your GP about how your feeling and also ask for a referral to a physiotherapist who could give you a tailor made programme for your needs.

    For more responses, please repost on the living with arthritis forum:

    I hope this is of some help.

    Best wishes


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    I have reached the age when I am classified as 'old' by the NHS and I feel totally frustrated by the current situation. I have had osteoarthritis for years and managed it well. I was referred to rheumatology in early 2020 and finally received and appointment 2 weeks ago. This was converted into a brief phone call saying 'We know you are suffering but we need to see you and you will get a letter soon'. Are others tired of waiting and waiting in the hope of being able to see a doctor or a consultant who can help? I do my best to be active and know how important it is to keep moving but am exhausted with the effort. My sense of humour is wearing thin at the moment as the prospect of improvement fades! Sorry to moan! I am all too aware that I am not alone with this situation, but the positive person I used to be just a few months ago is fast losing hope!

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    Hi @GrandmaT sorry for the very long, delayed response to your message. I do apologise. You say you've had osteoarthritis for years and managed it well. Can I just ask how you managed it? I have OA in both hips and struggle to manage on some days with the pain and moving around.