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Hi there

Pain in Left hip started last May out walking in the hills prior to this I had no symptoms at all.

I rested thought it was muscular but it never went away so after many sleepless nights and GP calls eventually had an MRI in December 2020 and started using naproxin 250mg

I attended consultant two hips normal wear and tear for age (61) left hip more so than right but nothing untoward so it seemed obvious I had inflammation in the hip joint.

I had my first cortisone injection 5th January, took it very easy etc Pain relief was very good after 3/4/ days and continued to be so. 2 weeks later was starting to do short walks built up to longer ones (longest 4 miles on road around house no ill effects - my usual exercise routine would be full days in the mountains). 4 weeks post injection I tried a few exercises to build up leg muscles and went back to severe pain and naproxin 500mg twice daily etc.No sleep.

Had a second injection on the 22nd February Pain did not cease as quickly but was able to potter around the house and was painkiller free completely from 3 days afterwards at. 2 weeks post injection yesterday (8th March) drove my car for first time (short drive had to be done) Pain in middle of the night and pain and distinct discomfort all day today. Anyone have the same experience? Are the injections not working? Does this happen - that the moment you exercise at all the problem flares up again? The next option offered is an operation but are there any other option? I'm tearing my hair out atm. I know I am not in the worst health having read some of the other contributions to this forum but I was so active it is very hard to be inactive and want to be so again

Any comments/ help gratefully recieved


  • Anna
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    Hi @VMM and welcome to the online community,

    You have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hip and after two steroid injections and a course of naproxen, you are still in a great deal of pain. You're finding it hard to become inactive when until recently you led a very active life.

    Osteoarthritis of the hip is one of the more common forms of arthritis, and many of our members will be able to sympathise with your situation. I am sure they will offer support and advice on how to take the next step in your treatment. Gentle exercise is recommended to keep your joint as mobile and flexible as possible, but it sounds like you may have overdone it a little. It might be an idea to speak to your GP about being referred to a physiotherapist who can guide you in a more gentle exercise programme tailored to your needs. You could also talk to the GP about other forms of pain relief if naproxen does not seem to helping very much.

    I have read that sitting down with your hips higher than your knees can help prevent hip pain. Car seats often do the opposite, so maybe you could think about using a cushion to raise your hips while you sit in the car.

    Here is a very good link from the Versus Arthritis website that gives more information about osteoarthritis of the hip, and also outlines the various treatments and self help options that are available. It includes links to very gentle exercises that you could try:

    I'll let the members welcome you now, but please do let us know how you're getting on.

    Anna (mod) : )

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  • VMM
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    Thank-you for your response I'm hoping I'm not the only one who has had this reaction after the cortisone jab and that it will still work

  • helpline_team

    Hi VMM

    Thank you for posting on the forum, it sounds as if your going through a challenging time. I have read the post from Anna which I hope will be helpful to you, and leaves me little else to add. I wonder if you would like to give us a ring on our helpline: 0800 5200 520 (weekdays 9am - 8pm) here we can take our time to talk informally and in confidence, sometimes a listening ear can be helpful.

    If you repost on the 'living with arthritis' forum you will get more responses, I've also given you a link to steroid injections:

    Best wishes


    Helpline Team

  • Cadenza
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    Hello, I am new here. Thanks to all for a chance to write here. I am in my 70's, a former classical ballet school girl, a thousand years ago. I did my barre till I was 66 and after that I got obsessed with yoga. And the result is: Severe spinal stenosis, hip osteoarthritis, hallux rigidus (big toes arthritis). The only plus of this insane is that I am still very skinny and fit. However, my groin pain started in April and still with me after two lumbar epidurals and a very recent injection into left hip. I have given up on all exercises on my mat and I only do a chair yoga like 20 min. I walk with pain so I walk 15 min. daily on my treadmill. I am not ready for a hip replacement either mentally or physically. I know my body and I know for sure that I won't be able to handle the whole process. My weight is 100 pounds. The only medication which helps me is one pill of diclofenac 50 mg in the morning. I take tylenol arthritis but it doesn't take my pain away. The diclofenac pill does. My question is: does anyone take voltaren/diclofenac indefinite since it is such a small dosage? I take it with food. I took the pill for three weeks and got scared and gave up but even after the shot in my hip a week ago my pain stays. I still have concerns about my diagnosis because it can be a pinched nerve too considering that I have a spinal stenosis. I am in Chicago area but maybe I have to go to Mayo clinic to be diagnosed. If I do hip replacement on left hip and then a year later I will have another hip with pain (not now though), and then I have a knee problem (so far so good), and then I have another knee and so on. So, in a few years all my bones are going to be replaced and I will be happily ready to see the God. Does it worth it or maybe I am ok with the pills since I do not have any other health problems besides osteoarthritis? Thanks a lot! Sorry for such a long and desperate letter. So tired from my pain.

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    Hello @Cadenza welcome to the online community,

    You describe yourself as a very active seventy+ who is experiencing joint pain and although taking some medication are finding that it is not sufficient. We as Moderators are not medically qualified to answer specific questions about medication but some of our members may be able to answer from their personal experience. We advise you to talk to your medical team or pharmacist.

    We can however help you with support and friendship and lots of tips on pain management and joint replacement decisions. Living with constant pain is debilitating and many of us share our ways of coping using different methods. Heat and cold pads, gels and creams, TENS machines, exercise, hobbies etc.

    I attach some links which I hope you will find helpful

    I expect some of the information will be UK specific but we hope you will continue to be part of our friendly community from across the ocean.

    Best wishes


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  • helpline_team


    Welcome to the forum and thank you for your posting. I am sorry to hear that you are in pain and so tired from this. You have asked if anyone takes diclofenac on a long term basis as this is something you are concerned about doing.

    I see that you are based in the USA, our advice and information does only cover the UK but we would advise that you speak to a health professional about your concerns regarding your medication. Diclofenac is an anti inflammatory drug and their long term use should be monitored by a healthcare professional.

    I see that Poppyjane has provided a link to our information on painkillers and anti inflammatory medication that I hope you will find helpful. You and a health professional can discuss your concerns and there may be alternative pain relief that you can consider if taking this long term is a concern. Everyone is different so what manages your pain may be different to what helps others.

    I also see from your post that you are concerned about your diagnosis and unsure whether your spinal stenosis is causing the pain rather than your hip and a health professional should be able to possibly do further investigations to find this out. It is natural to be worried about the future and if your condition may affect other joints, the condition is managed by methods such as pain relief and exercise, being active is an important part of managing the condition and I see that you have been very active which is positive and it may be that seeing a physiotherapist for advise on exercises would be helpful to you.

    I hope that this response is helpful to you.

    We have information on back pain and osteoarthritis of the hip that may be of help to you in managing your condition and the links for these are below.

    Osteoarthritis of the Hip

    Back Pain

    Best Wishes


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  • Cadenza
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    Thanks to you all who responded to my post. I am going to have an appt. with my anesthesiologist who performed my last hip injection. I will try to postpone my possible hip surgery as long as I can because I am not sure about outcome. Many thanks again, be healthy and happy!