Covid and psoriatic arthritis

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Just wondering how many of you with psoriatic arthritis have had the vaccine, and how you reacted afterwards. Thanks.


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    Anyone? 😃

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    I’m in my early thirties, on 15mg methotrexate and had the Oxford / AZ vaccine.

    I was fine on the Wednesday I had the vaccine, but then woke up at 4am with fever and chills the next morning (Thursday). Felt tired and achy the whole day on Thursday with headaches.

    I felt better on the Friday and Saturday after albeit still a bit achy and with minor headaches, but then woke up on Sunday morning with a really bad headache / migraine. Felt totally fine afterwards by the time Monday came around.

    Good luck :)

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    I had my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on 5th February and have had no side effects that I've noticed. I'm just waiting on my letter for a second dose. My wife also had the Pfizer vaccine and has had both shots. She is healthy. She suffered from a sore arm for a couple of days after the first but had no ill effects after the second dose.

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    I should add that I'm on 3gms of Sulfasalazine a day and 15mgs of Methotrexate once a week. I was told to miss the Methotrexate the week I had the vaccination by my rheumatology nurse.

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    Hi! I realise this is quite an old thread but I'm new to the site and so I've only just come across it. I have psa and am on Imraldi (previously Humira) and 3g of Sulfasalazine a day. I had my first Pfizer jab back in January and, apart from a sore arm at the injection site, no side effects. I had the second dose at the end of March and felt a little fatigued the following day. But I don't think this was due to the jab as I often have days like that anyway. Hope that helps.