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I've just registered so Hi to everyone!

I have had osteoarthritis for around 13 years, it seems to be in most of my joints from neck through hands and down to feet! I've had surgery on one shoulder and been told I need a new hip, but apart from that my biggest challenges are managing movement restrictions and pain every day.

I'd be very interested and grateful to hear your experiences on seeing a hospital osteoarthritis specialist. Am I unique in finding it difficult historically to get scans and diagnosis to cover ALL joints, as it seems that hospital doctors specialise in certain parts of the body, so I've never seen or heard of an NHS medic who is just for osteoarthritis. It's so frustrating as I know, feel and can see, that all of my joints are affected but have received official osteoarthritis diagnosis just on my hips and knees.

Thank you!


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    There are no specific OA medics, the best you will be able to get is referral to a Pain Clinic or Orthopedic surgeon or Neurosurgeon. I have widespread OA and have had a few whole body MRIs over the years and the odd X-ray when I get localised degeneration.

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    Hi @Putch - welcome to the online community!

    I see you've got extensive Osteoarthritis in the majority of your joints, but you've only received a formal diagnosis for your hips and knees. You're wondering if there is such as thing as an Osteoarthrits specialist who could look at the whole of you, instead of having to see different specialists about different joints.

    Have a quick look at our information on Osteoarthritis, especially in the "Diagnosis" section. You should have to see a specialist for a diagnosis. Your GP should be able to help with a diagnosis in the rest of your joints. Something to note is some GPs have specialist interests, it may be worth asking if there's a GP in your area who has a specialist interest in arthritis.

    The overall specialist is a Rheumatologist, they specialise in joint disorders. Surgeons, however, tend to specialise in an area of the body, as operating on the knee is very different to operating on a heart. So you may have been pointed to surgery specialists for your replacement operations.

    Your GP could also refer you to a pain clinic and a physiotherapist, both of which are very helpful in managing your day-to-day pain and mobility.

    Do have a look around the rest of the community, there are some wonderful people here and some great discusions to look over and join in.

    Lovely to meet you!


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    Hi Putch and Welcome!

    I have OA in hip, knees and elbow and have had chronic neck pain for years. I am currently waiting for 3 separate referrals for knees, elbow and hip so it isn’t joined up. I’ve had MRIs on hip and X Rays elsewhere.

    The silly thing is that whilst each joint is being treated as routine when you add them all up the overall impact on the body is serious. I hobble about and can’t use a stick to help my hip because it affects my elbow. So one bit needs fixing to allow me to cope with the other bits. I’m waiting for another Doctors appointment to plead that he raises one of my joints as an urgent appointment because of the other joints. I will let you know how I get on but it’s not at all easily navigated

    All the best