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New here but posting out of curiosity. I have had PSA for around 10 years now and currently on a mix of Cimzia and MTX, both obviously immunosuppressive. I am 33 years old, but I was under the impression I would be called for my vaccine in group 6. I am a key worker so have been eager to recevieve my vaccine as I am I constant contact with the public.

I have phoned the NHS helpline as I have not received an invitation yet and the chap informed me that I have not been registered as a priority by my GP so effectively have to wait 'til July when my age group is called. It is currently late on a Friday night and I really feel peeved off about this. Just wondering if anyone else has been overlooked, when they absolutely belong to a priority group.

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    Welcome to the online community,its great you have found us.

    You have stated that you have had PSA for 10 years and are on medication for it. You are also wondering when you wil be called up for your corona virus vaccine as you are a key worker and thought you would have been called by now,being told you would be called in July when your age group is called and wondered if any one else had been overlooked.

    Here are a link that may help

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) and arthritis (

    I hope this is helpful,meanwhile chatting on our forums may give you some answers from others opinions.

    Please let us know how you get on.

    All the best Christine

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    Hi Bomboolia,

    Contact your GP surgery and explain re your key worker status with them and your immune suppressant and ask if you can be put onto the list to get your vaccination they will be best to advise you or contact 119 they can advise you also

    Jona 😊

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    I hope you have had your jab now but if you haven't do call or email your GP and tell them you believe you should be group 6 due to immune suppressant.

    I had to see my GP Monday and asked why I had not been called as had TIA s and it was then discovered although they are on my medical record they flag code had never been put on my file. It is now on and have appt for jab

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    @Bomboolia please do email or call your GP. I have RA and I was getting worries why I hadn’t been called yet for my vaccine so I emailed them in early March even though the recorded message when you call the practice says they can’t help with the vaccine and the automatic generated email from the practice says the same. I emailed them regardless and with two hours my GP sent me the link to get my first jab booked. I couldn’t believe it. It is quite possible your case can get overlooked as they are dealing with so much right now.

    Fingers crossed you have booked your appointment by now! Good luck.

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    I'm 39 and take golimumab for my psoriatic arthritis and got a letter saying I was at risk when the pandemic started. I've been surprised not to be called for a vaccine yet, but my GP says I'm not at risk and getting hold of my rheumatologist has been flat-out impossible. The list in the "Who is in the COVID-19 vaccination priority groups?" page on this site seems to imply I should already have been vaccinated. Are there steps I can or should take? Or am I less eligible than a healthy 50 year old? I'm getting rather frustrated as I'm the most ill person I know and I seem to be the last one to get a vaccine...

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    Hi @Ted firstly I would like to welcome you to the forum, I hope that you will find our community helpful and informative.

    I can see from your post that you have PSA and have been concerned about your risk levels in relation to COVID-19 and feel you have had conflicting information through the course of the pandemic. I am sorry to hear this and can understand how this must be frustrating.

    Below is the link to the latest information we have on COVID-19 and vaccines.

    I know from my personal experience and from other in my network that the advice on vulnerability has changed throughout the course of the pandemic as more information has become available including for Arthritis patients on particular medication.

    Your GP and / or Rheumatologist are the people who have the ability to add or remove you from particular vulnerability categories and are best placed to advise you on the current evidence and guidance on risk factors.

    I hope that you find the support you need in order to help you through these uncertain times.

    Take care