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This is the first time I have joined a group to discuss my arthritis but wondered if shin pain is a common problem with arthritis in the hips?

I have arthritis in my left hip, along with shoulder , left knee and spine. Its only my left hip that is quite painful, well always actually. I take Naproxen, Co-codamol and Tramadol. I am waiting for an appointment for the nxt stage of treatment, have done physio but have been told that I will possibly need a hip replacement.

Shin pain is the same leg as the bad hip. Its constant even when resting.

Any help or advise would be gratefully received

With thanks



  • jeddison1985
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    Hi @Leslie its my pleasure to welcome you to the forum.

    Sorry to hear that you have arthritis of the hip, shoulder, knee and spine. I understand from your post that you are currently struggling with shin pain that you feel may be related to your arthritis, specifically in your hip.

    Can I just check what type of arthritis you have, so that I can best point you the right advice?

    In the meantime, the site has access to a wide variety of information leaflets to help you understand your condition. Firstly see below a link to Hip arthritis which is a general overview of Osteoarthritis of the hip.

    Osteoarthritis (OA) of the hip | Hip pain | Versus Arthritis

    Its good to hear that you are awaiting your next appointment and treatment. It will be useful to mention the shin pain you are experiencing as your medical team may be able to explain any links.

    Please do explore the forum and website for further information and advice, I am sure our community will be able to share similar experiences.

    Good luck with the treatment and I hope you find something that works for you.

    Best wishes


  • Leslie
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    Many thanks Joe for your reply, its O/A. I have been looking through your website and have found other folks comments and experiences helpful , not last if to confirm this is such a common problem among so many of us.

    I have been told my appointment will be some considerable time in the future so will continue to investigate as many avenues I can in regards to management of pain and mobility.

    Kind regards