Osteoarthritis in neck

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Hello my name is Barry and this is my first post.

I first went to my GP for neck pain 11 years ago and they told me I had Tech neck, Grrr.

Then 3 years ago I went back and they diagnosed Osteoarthritis. I then got Tinnitus in my left ear, and I also get very bad headaches in the back of my head. I was wondering if anyone else has this sort of head pain?

Since Christmas things have worsened, along with bad neck and head pain I had a vertigo attack 6 weeks ago and because of the tinnitus I am now waiting for an MRI scan on my head.

I have read that neck Arthritis can affect your ears but don't know if that has any truth in it... ?

Also Isn't it possible to have injections into the neck for this dreadful disease?

All I get from my GP is that there is no cure and it makes me so angry, its like they don't care.

Anyway thank you all for listening to my rant and I wish you all well as we are all in this together.



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    Welcome @Baz74 it my pleasure to greet you to our forum.

    I am really sorry to hear what you have been going through over a long time and from your description that you have diagnosed Osteoarthritis of the neck. You are wondering if the symptoms you are experiencing from headaches, tinnitus and vertigo.

    Are you under the care of a Rheumatologist or just your GP? If you are not yet under a rheumatologist it would make sense for you to ask your GP to refer you to them as a specialist. They will have a much greater understanding of your condition, the treatments available and any common links from arthritis to other conditions.

    There is a wealth of information on the site and forum that you can explore but below are some links I think may be helpful.

    Please feel free to explore the forum as you may find other information to help and also others with similar experiences, and as you say we are all in this together. I am sure you will meet a lot of people who can relate and support you.

    I hope you find some relief soon and get the specialist advice needed.

    Good luck


    P.s. I have edited your post slightly to chunk it up so other users can navigate it with ease and increase your chances of replies.

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    Thanks for the information I will look into that Rheumatologist idea as I dont think my GP is being helpful at all with my disease, I forgot to add on my introduction I was diagnosed with early stages of Osteoarthritis in my Right knee but after completing my physiotherapy service that problems have eased considerably and is causing no problems at the moment unlike my neck

  • Mz_Tenacious_

    Hello Baz74

    How are you doing? I know to well how it feels to have this in ur Cervic neck area. I also have in lumbar, based on a my research/self diagnosis. I currently having further xrays. Enough about me my elements. Welcome to VA..

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    I first went to my doctor with neck pain and occasional head tremor 3 years ago.good it was just one of those things.then I went dead in one ear had tinnitus and vertigo diagnosed as menieres.given a hearing aid and anti sickness tablets.basically learn to live with it.

    now since worsening neck pain.painful stiff joints especially hands.feet.etc rheumatologist has diagnosed osteoarthritis.possible inflammatory arthritis and reynauds.

    however she seems to have ignored rash on face.rib pain.weight loss etc.

    fed up of being robbed off.struggling at work.struggling at home