Anti-inflammatories compatible with heart problems

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Diclofenic (years ago) then Naproxen (until a couple of years ago) used very successfully until contraindicated following heart valve surgery in 2015.

2nd Metatarsal fused (ulcerated joint) a year ago which helped foot pain greatly (old break) BUT 12 weeks almost immobile during recovery exacerbated knee and hip problems with associated arthritis pain. Now walking better but would be encouraged to exercise more with an effective anti-inflammatory to reduce residual pain and swelling. Any ideas?

ALSO request recommendations for a good vitamin supplement with Omega 3, vitamin D&E, and anything else beneficial.




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    Hi @Limpalong and welcome to the online community,

    Your name certainly made me smile! So, you've lived with hip, knee and foot pain for several years and the NSAIDs (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) that you've previously taken for the pain are contraindicated following heart valve surgery. You would like some suggestions for an effective anti-inflammatory so that you can exercise more and also some recommendations for a good vitamin supplement.

    Many NSAIDs are not recommended if you have heart problems. It would be best for you to discuss pain relief with your Rheumatologist or GP since they would know your medical history best and can recommend what is safe for you. Good for you for wanting to increase your exercise - it is so beneficial for our mental and physical health and it doesn't take much to see and feel improvements.

    Vitamin supplements and other complementary medicines can offer relief from pain as many have anti-inflammatory properties. However, what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another so it can be a question of trying out a few. Many of our members use complementary medicines and I'm sure some will offer their suggestions.

    The Versus Arthritis website has a page that discusses the top five complementary treatments - you might find it interesting to read:

    All the best, do have a look round the forum and join in wherever you feel comfortable.

    Anna (mod)

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    Thanks Anna, all helpful, I’ll certainly read the top 5 complementary treatments and hopefully await vitamin/Omega 3 combinations that others have found helpful and sit in the middle ground of dosages. Regards, BP ( aka Limpalong )

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    Quite a lot of people on here can't take anti-inflams for various reasons such as breathing problems or stomach issues they have to get by on pain relief alone.

    It is a tricky one sadly unless your own GP or pharmacist have any ideas?

    Best of luck

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    Thanks for the input. Have now had a thorough chat with my GP (phone consultation)

    and, specifically for me but probably a reasonable generalisation, topical ( creams, sprays etc ) nsaids e.g. ibuprofen are fine, but systemic ( pills etc ) ruled-out for me as I still have a latent tendency to Atrial Fibrulation.....otherwise he’d have been happy with my having small and occasional doses of Naproxen which seems to come out pretty well as being fairly “heart friendly”.

    Doctors have much to contend with so I found that a brief synopsis by email followed by his having my medical notes up on his computer, plus verbal clarification of grey areas gave us both focus and was an efficient use of time.

    Obviously, do what YOUR DOC says! Stay well, Limpalong!