Being in so much pain, I feel very dept

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I have severe arthritis in my right knee, I’ve had a total left knee replacement, I’ve got pain in my lower back and neck. The pain is unbearable, and I get depressed.
Do any of you feel the same?


  • Mike1
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    Yes, most definitely unfortunately. You need to visit your GP and ask for a referral to a pain clinic who will be able to prescribe different meds and treatments. Meanwhile try to do something that you enjoy doing and can do to try to distract yourself from the pain, it does work. I make model kits, watch the TV or read a book in the garden if it is warm enough; try a hobby that you have not done for a while or start a new one. It is easier to get deeper into depression than it is to lift yourself out of it.

  • Sandman33
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    I agree with Mike it’s all about distraction. My knees and hip are a nightmare in the morning and I feel I could just lie in bed all day. But! Once you’re up and about and have some distractions in place I find life begins again albeit with some painkillers on the way to help. I try and keep active during the day and then find a rest on the bed about 3.30-4.00pm for up to an hour really helps to settle my pains and then I can have a normal evening before it starts all over again! Woo Hoo! No cure but management in your own way and you have to be a bit selfish if with a partner and suddenly you’re having a lie down in the afternoon. As a former military person it has been a shock to my wife and I don’t feel at all very. ‘manly’ any more but not much choice. Soon be Summer!