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I'm 5 years and counting, real name David. I was told in March 2016 I needed a new left hip and my right hip was showing signs of wear.

I'm 53, from South Wales and , having used an online forum before for a previous medical condition, hoping that the problem shared will help relieve the frustration, anxiety, occassional depressive thoughts and the rising anger about what's been happening. I'll probably get some good advice too!


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    Welcome to the online community David, great to see you posting on our forum.

    You stated it has been 5 years since you were told you needed a new Left Hip and that you Right Hip was seeing signs of wear and tare.Yes a ptoblem shared is a problem halved.

    You should really go back to your GP and asked to be referred to a Orthopaedic surgeon in regards to your hip replacement.It is hard and frustration when nothing is done and you are still in the same place as 5 years ago.

    I dont understans why you are still waiting after 5 years thats why i think you should go back to your GP just to remind them you are still waiting.

    Here are a few links that may help

    Waiting times for surgery | Position statement (

    Emotional wellbeing | Support, self-help | Versus Arthritis.

    Hope these links are helpful,Meanwhile keep on chatting to others on the forum it often helps and as they have all experiences of Arthritis they will all understand and give sound advice.Please let us know how you get on

    All the best Christine

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    Just an update, my GP contacted the surgeon after an x ray showed my right hip now needs doing too. In his words, it looks quite bad! I eventually complained, threatened legal action and to go to the press. It may just be a coincidence but 2 weeks later I got a phone call offering a date and on June 10th I had the operation and it's blooming fantastic. I'm 10 days into my rehab and it feels so much better already. My wife says I am so much happier too. I had a full ceramic replacement and I'm told it could last 20 years.

    Even better, a local businessman has said to let him know when I'm ready and he has a job for me, it really feels like a nightmare has come to an end.

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    Hi David, I’m so pleased you’ve finally got your new hip. Having to wait so long in so much pain must have been utterly miserable for you. Your relatively young age, followed by the pandemic, really didn't stand in your favour. Did you have both done, or just one?

    And wow, a job offer too! Be careful not to go back too early, or you risk undoing all that good work. I hope your recovery continues to go well. Do keep us updated, it’s really helpful for other members to hear how you get on.