Massage guns


I've been aware of these - as used by gymnasts especially - for a while and imagine one could be very useful to me.

I'm now 75 and have lived with progressive widespread OA for 35 years. By now most joints are affected, including all parts of my spine, resulting in increasingly compromised mobility. For the past five years I've had several attacks of sciatica lasting between 3 and 7 months with the most recent affecting both legs simultaneously, which was a tad scary and excruciatingly ouchy!

In my head I remain active, enjoy gentle cycling and, with my wonderful husband, am in the throes of a house move so anything that might help reduce pain levels and ward off more sciatica is enormously welcome! (I have been down the very helpful Pain Management Programme route and keep my use of pain-reducing meds for night time and particularly bad patches. For me that is a better system than dealing with side-effects of the heavy duty drugs as I did earlier in my arthritis journey.)

As a former sportsperson (swimming and hockey at regional and national levels) I still have greater muscle mass than most women my age and am acutely aware that much of my pain is caused by muscle spasm around the arthritic joints. (I don't subscribe to the belief that my version of OA is caused by sport/wear-and-tear. On the contrary the knowledge of human anatomy and physiology gained in the process have been a big advantage in confronting arthr.)

In the past I have benefitted from acupuncture, massage and two now defunct Tens machines so I feel that a massage gun could be a very valuable asset and would be grateful to know of other members' experience.

I read that Airwave uses one but couldn't find a 'message' tab on my profile to ask for specific advice as there are so many versions on the market. The lighter weight the better for me to handle but the range available is staggering.

Holding my breath in the hope of some first-hand guidance.



  • Mike1
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    I read that Airwave uses one but couldn't find a 'message' tab on my profile to ask for specific advice

    If you click on the person's name it takes you to their profile and on the top right hand side you will see the option to message, click on that and type away.

  • frogmorton
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    Hi @crinkly

    Got to be worth a try. I too have 'killed' two tens machines!!

    Top right of the page 4 'icons in' is an envelope. If you click on that you can send airwave a personal message or if you do this:

    @ then add airwave like this @Airwave! he should spot your post and reply.

    Best of luck with the house move.

  • crinkly
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    Thanks to you both. I was clearly looking for the icon in the wrong place!