Newbie Post


Hi All.

Thought I'd join a forum to help with questions I have or any other may have.

I was diagnosed with RA in Aug 2019 at the age of 31. Took me by surprise if I'm honest but I'd gone from April that Yr with a sore knuckle which gradually got bigger and bigger and moved through fingers. My mum also had pretty severe RA, but I never for 1 minute thought it was this. When I got my first scan at rheumatology she said it was really bad had already started to damage joints, I was pretty shook tbh. I've had it in both hands since and fingers and also suffer now with on and off carpel tunnel which I only just found out that it was this after my own research. Currently on sulfasalazine and also fortnightly biologics injections of cimzia... Those injections only started them in Sept 20.

Few questions I have... How bad does your stress or anxiety affect your condition?

Do you find after any busy days you are totally wiped out?

Looking forward to speaking to you all.