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I'm new to the forum. my question is regarding joint pain relief, an alternative med, called Fuel 360.

Has anyone used it; if yes was it effective?

whilst I've read reviews - nothing negative, but I have noticed that thee ads have the same small group of people promoting it. it's not the cheapest but if it works it may be worth it.!?



  • sunnyside2
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    It appears to have zero clinical trials.

    Very expensive for something with no clinical evidence is effective. I cannot help but think if it were as wonderful as is made out they would do the trials and prove it

  • ChrisK
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    Hello @Peterpan

    Welcome to our Versus Arthritis forum, here you will find our members are friendly, helpful and empathic. They will answer your questions/queries as related to their own condition.

    As with all alternative medications, have you checked with your own GP to see if this "Fuel 360" is compatibly with your other medications. I was unable to find any reference to this particular medication in Versus Arthritis, but perhaps one or more of our members will have tried it or know about it.

    I look forward to reading your future posts and hearing how your getting on.

    Take care, best wishes