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I’m new to this group. I’ve had RA for 30 years now and usually very well controlled with my Rituximab infusions. However what a difficult year it’s been for us all hasn’t it! I’m feeling very isolated and in great pain at the moment so looking forward to sharing thoughts and ideas with you all


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    Good morning @Rio

    Welcome to our Versus Arthritis Forum, here you will find our members friendly, helpful and empathic. They will answer your questions/queries as they relate to their own condition.

    This year has been a very difficult time for us all, I think it will be good when this lockdown is lifted and we can start to see our families and friends again. Although there will be no lockdown I feel that we will have to extra care when we go out and about.

    I look forward to reading your future posts and to see how you are getting on

    Take care, best wishes.