Flare ups


Just had my xray results showing the onset of arthritis. Can anybody tell me if this is stage 1. I'm in quite a lot of pain and I'm wondering if the pain will go when the flare up calms down. Its in my knees so of sick at moment. Can't do the 7hour on my feet. Will this get better. Some answers would help me.


  • Saltmarsh
    Saltmarsh Member Posts: 42

    Sorry you're suffering. Give it a week for X-ray results to filter back to GP, then ask for an appointment with your favourite Dr. If arthritis you'll be living with it for a long time, so it will help to establish relationship. They will discuss a plan with you. Certainly the pain will subside markedly after a flare - though hell at the time, you have my sympathy.

    This is an excellent site with a wealth of information to help you, do explore it.

    Good luck & best wishes.