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I'm hoping someone here can help. I've been experiencing pain in both my arms and hips at night, when I lie on either side, particularly after exercise. My initial thoughts were that these are signs of Polymyalgia as my Mum has suffered from this condition. However I went to my doctor, had bloods done and he told me that there was no sign of Polymyalgia. Everything else has been ruled out, and I am more and more convinced that it's Polymyalgia despite the doctors reassurance. He won't refer me to a specialist, so where do I go from here? I am only 45, which I understand is young for polymyalgia and I have no restriction in movement during the day, just some weakness in my arms. I'm now thinking I should go privately to see someone, but I would recommend advice from anyone who has experienced similar. Many thanks. 😊


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    Hi @OliviaR firstly welcome to our forum.

    I can see from your post that you suspect that you have Polymyalgia, based on the pain you have been experiencing in both arms and hips at night and after exercise. You are after some help or advice from others who may have the same experience, because as yet you have no diagnosis and no specialist referral.

    I am really sorry to hear about the pain you are experiencing and the fact you have not yet found any answers as to why.

    The site and forum have a range of information that hopefully can help you get some answers and help. I am sure that someone within our community will have a similar experience to what you describe.

    To get started below is a link to a guide around Polymyalgia which sets out what the condition is, what the symptoms are, how diagnosis is obtained and the available treatments.

    If you are still experiencing difficulty and not satisfied that you have got to the bottom of the problem you should go back and speak to your GP and as you say you can always try going private but that is a personal choice based on your circumstances.

    I really hope that you get some help and that someone in the forum has a similar story to share that may give you some insight and potential solutions.

    Take care.