Does PRP treatment work?



I have recently been diagnosed with moderate Hip osteoarthritis. The doctor said I may wish to consider PRP treatment in my hip. Does anybody know if this is worth pursuing?



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    I am unable to answer your question as to if it is worth pursuing, but I really hope that someone who has had this done will be able to.

    But I can give you some information about PRP if you haven’t already researched into it yourself. Platelet rich plasma is a process where blood is taken from the person. The platelets are separated from other blood cells and their concentration is increased in a centrifuge and the red blood cells are removed.

    The increased concentration of platelets which includes cytokines and a concentration of growth factors which can be increased 5 or 10-fold. This richer mixture of platelets is then recombined with whole blood and injected into damaged tissue. It is believed that the growth factors promote healing. Unfortunately, we do not have any information about this procedure on our website, but I have attached a few links from other organisations that hopefully will help you.

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    Thank You so much for this information. I will look forward to reading this evening