I have pain in both my shins like a burning sensation that can keep me awake at night is this relate

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I have burning sensation in both my lower legs that keep me awake. Is this related to arthritis in my hips and is there anything that might help with the discomfort


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    Hello @AN109502 and welcome to the forum.

    I understand that you are suffering from pain in your shins and lower legs and that you have arthritis in your hips.

    Our website has a lot of information on it that you might find useful and I recommend that you have a look around it, below are a couple of links which might help you.

    Please do let us know how you get on and you will likely find others on the forum with similar experiences, please keep posting and hopefully you will make new connections

    Wishing you all the best

    Peter (mod)

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    Hi @AN109502 , I have OA badly in one hip, but it can send burning pains down my shin when it’s really bad. Also random pains behind my knee cap and general pains down outside of thigh. I try to ignore it, consciously relax and wait for it to pass. And take more painkillers if that doesn’t work!

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    Hi there,

    I also have shin pain down the same leg where I have O/A in my hip. Pain killers help but do not alleviate it totally .It has become worse over a period of months along with increased pain in my hip and lack of mobility.

    I find now that taking regular breaks, sitting down helps and not to try and keep walking/standing too long. All quite depressing really as I was pretty fit and active until O/A decided to enter my life.

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    Hi there, I also have severe hip arthritis and suffer really bad pain in my knee and lower leg, I also get fluid retention in that leg but unfortunately can’t elevate the leg for long as it is so painful. I am having total hip replacement in two weeks time.

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    I also have pain in my shins at night, the same as you describe. Get them sometimes during the day when I have been sitting for a while, but mostly at night when I'm lying down. I also get sharp electric shock like pains in my upper thighs. I am hoping that maybe because everything is out of alignment with needing a hip replacement, that maybe a nerve or 2 is being squished and it will all be better when the hip is replaced (hopefully). There are so many symptoms that don't seem to appear in any literature, and sometimes I think I'm going crazy. Might start a thread to see just how many undocumented symptoms there are. Doctors just seem to say that it's not related and prescribe more drugs!

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    Hi @sam73

    I have welcomed you in your other post.I have found a link that might help to explain the pain in your shins

    Complex regional pain syndrome | Understanding what causes pain (versusarthritis.org)

    Hope this helps you in some way.Meanwhile as i have said on your other post please let us know how you get on and continue chatting with others they may have other solutions,

    All the best Christine

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