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Hi, im 44, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my early 30s in my knees, had left knee arthoscopy, was ok till 42, then started with neck and back issues, recently diagnosed with axial spondyloarthritis, degenerative discs, sarcrolitis, and osteoarthritis, the last month I've been having a bad flare up, my hands, feet and heels have started to hurt along with my back and neck. Due to having hypertension I've been told to follow mediterranean diet, however I have IBS and gastris so the veg causes upset, I cant take medication prescribed due to gastris, im waiting referral to pain clinic for alternative therapy, however due to covid this is on hold. My hydrotherapy got cancelled, and gym closures stopped the swimming and pilates, walking is all I've managed and private physio, I was wondering what diets people followed, what alternative therapy they tried and exercise, and how can I treat the extreme fatigue, the fatigue and trying to loose some weight is getting me down, I only need to loose 2 stone . I was meant to have a review of my BP to come off medication as I have been on it a year now and don't like been on it, but due to covid they left me on medication. It's getting me down now x


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    Hello @RebeccaLouise76 and welcome to the forum.

    I understand that you have been suffering form osteoarthritis for some time and now have axial spondyloarthritis, degenerative discs, sarcrolitis as well and that you are looking for some help with diet due to IBS and gastris. Also that you are interested in what exercise you can do during lockdown. Sorry to hear this.

    Our website contains a lot of useful information and I recommend that you take a look. In particular you might find the following information useful.

    Do please keep posting and let us know how you get on, and I hope that others will share their experience and recommendations with you

    Wishing you all the best

    Peter (mod)

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  • Hi, thanks for info, I've signed up to Leon, and have made notes on vitamins to give a try.

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    I am on a see food diet!

  • Have you seen any improvement?

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    Sorry I was trying to be funny - see food, not sea food.

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    Hi Rebecca just read your message I feel for you as I’m going through same have spinal stenosis really bad and pain in both feet tingling and electric like shocks in my legs I have had both knees replaced and hip and have fibromyalgia and IBs I take 2 ompresol tablets for that every morning It’s very important staying health living with arthritis I have cut all wheat out of my diet so have most things gluten free plus have 3 tablespoons of full fat Greek yougurt in morning with nuts or fruit on and sprinkle cinnamon or ginger on it I have gluten free bread to and cereals I also have a body building protein whey powder 30 g plus just a pinch of baking powder and 30 g of gluten free oats plus u can add 5 chocolate buttons blend in blender till it goes into powder then add 50 ml of almond milk or any milk u prefer and then blend till looks like Angel delight poor into heat proof dish and put extra buttons on top if you wish then bake 2-3 mins the protein is great for muscle health There are loads of recipes online 4 these called oat bakes.

    I eat a lot of veg and fish I cut out chips but make weight watchers wedges just cut potatoes or sweet potatoes into chips then put on baking tray and spray with light spray light I never deep fry as makes my arthritis worse .

    As for exercising I do 2 planks every morning 1 minute hold each which stops the electric shocks in my legs then get a exercise elastic band hold and pull out behind me and twist to left hold for 15 secs then to right hold 15 secs I do twice on each side then I do core Work on floor and stretches My gym shut 2 over lockdown I used loads and walking the pool but found Lucy wydeman on you tube and signed up to her challenge on Instagram she does exercises for mobility on there to I do 2 of her workouts a day but wear rubber beach shoes 👞 while doing it as if I don’t pain gets worse I don’t run just March I find walking far makes my pain worse down my legs

    I had knee authroscopy last Tuesday my 5 th operation on my left knee replacement they need to find out why my bone is crumbling on inside of my leg and corrosion on it so it’s not bending so I’m in a lot of pain at mo I’m 51 but feel 89 I can’t take most medications as gives me wild thoughts so just coping on 1 ibuprofen twice a day and 2 paracetamol every 4 hours helps with stiffness from arthritis but not from spinal stenosis plus I rub in capsaicin I find exercise is my main pain relief and meditation I use the app which is free insight timer do it every morning and evening been doing it years you can pay for a yearly prescription that gives you more usage in app but I don’t as there’s loads on there it’s 💖ly 2 have this site as I don’t know anyone who’s going through what I’m going through and on here I have found some luvly people sending u 🤗Lisa💖

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    Oh yes sorry with your fatigue I take Vitamin B12 every day plus make a smoothie spinach leaves and one banana and water then blend and drink I suffer from fatigue a lot through my fibromyalgia xxxx

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    Ps I also have slipped discs in back and compression of Vertabras and narrowing of spine with neck trouble I know what your going through as this morning I looked in my full length mirror and started crying I’m not me anymore I’m feeling really low as get results back on 26 th April and they have already said I will need another knee replacement that’s my 3rd on that knee I do find that eating the yogurt & wheat free foods cuts down all the burning 🔥 in my skeleton sending u lots of 🤗😘😘

  • Hi lisa, thanks for the reply, sorry to hear about your condition, my rheumatologist told me she thinks I'm lactose and wheat intolerant, I havent been tested but know diary upsets me especially cheese, bread bloats me. Il.give planks ago, and the vitamins, I think I maybe need to try meditation, I have stressful job and think the side affect makes my condition worse. I just feel old before my time, and a bit like the tin man out of the wizard of oz who needs oil to move. The fatigue is just such hard work,especially when it comes to work, ive been working at home a year now, and my motivation is low. I really do appreciate all.your tips thanks 😊