Nerve pain.


Hullo. I have O.A. & sero-positive R.A. Degenerative spine/spondylitis was to have had surgery Feb.'20, but disappeared over the horizon due to pandemic. Recently failed respiratory tests for surgery now due to advancement of COPD. I am suffering greatly with intense nerve pain in my legs. Do exercises several times a day & walk as much as possible. Besides my am on Etoricoxib 90mgs daily & Pregabalin 150mgs twice daily, which is some help.

I'm going to have to live with this. Would be glad to hear from anyone else in similar circumstances/any opinions from anyone for positive relief. Thanks for being able to share in others' posts.


  • Mike1
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    The only thing regarding getting some positive relief I can offer is to find something that you enjoy doing, and can do, to try taking your mind off the pain. Many of us find that meds merely knock the edge off our pain and that distraction is useful.

  • Saltmarsh
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    Thank you, Mike1. You're quite right about distraction tactics. Many of us get quite skilled with this over the years, don't we... Best wishes.