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as we all know with this covid poop going on hip replacements are not top of the bill .. i am waiting on a total hip replacement but i guess covid is going to dictate when that happens ... i was wondering if there are any hip supports out there to help with my day to day activities or maybe compression shorts

all help welcomed


  • Lilymary
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    I haven't heard of any, and my physio hasn't mentioned any either. But interestingly, someone else has just posted about this - look for "Support Brace". I'm pretty sceptical about whether this would work, even my physio (who is fully qualified, and a sports physio) seldom recommends these - she says all most of them are good for is keeping your leg warm. If they worked for arthritic hips, I suspect the medics would already be recommending them, and I have never heard that they have.

    I use a stick to take some of the load off my hip when out and about, and also to stop me toppling over, as I can't move my leg fast enough to correct myself if I lose my balance. Some people have found using two sticks works better, but I just end up getting tangled up with them and miss having a free hand.

    Otherwise, people recommend keeping the muscles toned that support your hip (thigh and gluteal muscles). There are some exercises on this site that are specific to hips, and the "Let's move with Leon" programme via this site is also helpful, and quite good fun.

    As for actual "compression shorts", I find wearing anything constrictive tight makes my hip feel much worse, so I don't think you'd find that helpful. Apart from the one mentioned on the other post, the ony type I can think of are women's support underwear, and having worn them on special occasions, I really couldn't imagine having to go through that torture every day! And I certainly wouldn't recommend men try this sort of thing, for obvious reasons!

  • Sullee
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    what about artic poles as i use a stick right now ... just looking for something to ease just alittle of the pain just a little pls pls pls 😔😔😔

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    I think they’re called Nordic poles? They’ll probably help take the weight of your hips. I use one of my climbers’ walking pole rather than a walking stick (too cheap to buy a new special stick) and it works pretty well, but I couldn’t say whether it works better than a “normal” stick. I can certainly get round with it better and for longer than if I go without. I do notice my shoulder gets sore after a while though, as I’m transferring so much weight from the stick into my shoulder joint. My physio said using a crutch instead of a stick would probably get round this.

  • frogmorton
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    I use walking poles when I walk @Sullee . Only have a problem when my wrists are sore other than that they are great. 🙂

    I hope it's not too long before you get a date for your surgery. I know some people are starting to hear now.🤞