Osteoarthritis in my ankle - Newly Diagnosed

Hi, I'm generally a fit and healthy 44 year old (or at least thought I was) who has recently been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my ankle after suffering months of pain. Over the past couple of weeks I've started to experience pain in both my neck and knee (same side as ankle) which is giving me limited moving ability. Ive managed to get the pain and swelling under control with my Ankle by doing flat walking and drinking more water along with taking strong ibuprofens. However I'm now concerned that I may have arthritis in these two new areas after doing some research. I haven't found much on ankles but it seems to be quite common in knees.

Is it common that once you have osteoarthritis in one area you're more than likely to get it elsewhere?


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    Hi @marielow

    Welcome to the online community,great to see you posting and wanting to talk to others.

    You say that you have recently been diagnosed wth Osteoarthritis in your ankle,now you are getting pain in your neck and knee at the same time so wonder if once you have osteoarthritis it may appear elsewhere.

    I have Osteoarthritis that came in my knee first then both knees then right hip also in my fingers ankles, feet and neck and spine not all at once i might add but over a time from when i was 40years to at the present time in my 70s. I took each one as they came and like you try anything to relieve it . I did go back to my GP each time for a diagnosis and help.

    Here are a few links that may help

    Osteoarthritis (OA) | Causes, symptoms, treatments (versusarthritis.org)

    Managing your pain | Treatments and self-help (versusarthritis.org)

    Hope you get on alright and these links are helpful.Please keep in touch and tell us how you get on.

    Take care and keep on chatting to others on our forum Christine

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