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Hi I am Kevin, and have had awful prolems with arthritis in both knees, knee replacement on the right 2017, and trying to avoid having left one done, but my consultant tells me it is VERY likely Iwill have to have itl done too.

I am 65 and hanve been on pain killers , for years co codamol, i have tried to cut them down, and take a maximum of 2 a day twice a day, but am still worried about taking them for so long, and the side effects and because they have been classified as potentially addictive. The reason i am trying to avoid a 2nd knee replacement is the recovery period and all its consequences, especially as I live alone, BUT for a good neighbour (who has now moved away) i would not have been able to get shopping etc. all the worry about that has sparke off bad anxiety and depression, and I am on meication for that now as well. I a m still working, thank God otherwise stuck at home alone worrying would send me round the bend

Just wondered if anyone out there has had similar experiences.


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    Hi @kmac Welcome to the online community family,so glad you have found us.

    Kevin you say that you have had one knee replacement for Osteoarthritis and are trying to avoid another one on you other knee because you are on your own and will find it difficult to recover alone without help,also you are now suffering from anxiety and depression because of the worry, but are still working which is your lifeline at the moment. I can understand your worries and your being alone it is not easy for you with no help ,i have had both knees replaced and my Right Hip but i have a partner who was there for me to help me and encourage me to go on.

    Here are a few links that may help you.

    Arthritis and depression: what you can do about it (

    Helpline | Versus Arthritis

    Hope these links help,please keep in touch and tell us how you get on,meanwhile chat on our forum which is full of friendly and understanding people who are very helpful aswell.

    All the best Christine

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    Hi Kevin,

    Not sure what part of the country you are in, but where I live there are both NHS and social service teams which support people at home after having surgery or when they are housebound for a short time period.

    It maybe worth having a look at your local community NHS website to see if they offer something. It may be under short term community services or Intermediate Care.

    You could also call your local social services and ask them or check their website.

    Failing all of that call the GP surgery and ask them, the receptionist should be able to tell you.

    My Dad had 2 knee replacements and like you the first was dreadful, the second was a breeze, he had no problems at all and got around after without any problems.

    If you’re worried about your use of co-codamol have a chat with your local pharmacist, they have a lot more time to talk than the GP. Also they will have the most up to date info on all pain relief available and may offer you some reassurance.

    Hope that helps and good luck 😊

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    With online shopping and ready meals that you can microwave I am sure you'd be ok @kmac You could get a wheeled trolley and have it next to you with supplies so you don't need to go far. You have had some great advice about support services available to you already.

    It would be awful if you put of your surgery for fear of coping for a few weeks afterwards.

    I know post op is pretty grim, but so worth it longer term.

    Totally get your fear of addiction with it being in the media so much now. 2 twice a day isn't so bad and post op you will probably need more. get the op done and then you can actually come off of them. Sending you ((()))