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This is the first time I am writing,and I am not sure if I am doing this correctly.

I am a seventy nine year old lady ex. pat. living in Sweden, and a week ago I received a new hip.I cannot tell you the difference it made immediately, no more hip pain.

I havent had much pain post op either and dont need the strong painkillers prescribed any more, they made me constanty tired.I do my prescribed exercises several times a day, the stiffness in my operated leg is now easing but I feel I will need two crutches for a while yet.

I have help around the house with things I am not allowed to do yet.

One of the main difficulties I find is getting in and out of bed, particularly at night when not always wide awake, but I am getting there struggling each time.I would like to say, to anyone about to have a hip replacement, do have it done,it will take a while until full recovery I realise, but each day is getting easier,and well worth working on the things you have been told to do or not to do.

Thank you for letting we write about my recent experience.


  • Hello @Diddy1, a warm welcome to the Online Community! It’s lovely to have you here.

    Great to hear that your hip replacement went so well and that you have support around the house too. Thank you for sharing your positive experience, I’m sure it will help others who are considering surgery. Here's a link to the Versus Arthritis page on hip replacements, which includes some information on aftercare:

    As you are finding some difficulty getting out of bed, have you considered getting a hand rail that is placed under the mattress? I know some people find it easier and safer to get up with something to lean on.

    I encourage you to continue to engage in the Online Community, and do keep us updated. It’s good to talk!

    Best wishes, Sarah (moderator)

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    Hi @Diddy1

    I am so glad you have had such a positive experience with your new hip replacement. I had one just three months ago and am so pleased not to feel dragged down by the pain. I still get twinges especially when I have done too much but hey ho! it is nothing compared to pre op.

    One tip which I brought home from the hospital was to loop my dressing gown belt ( obviously off the gown) round my operated foot and with both legs together , lean backwards pulling on the ends of the belt to lift your leg (s) onto or off the bed . i found it helped a lot.

    Like you I am exercising because I want to loose some of the weight I gained whilst I was less mobile and to get fitter again.

    Best wishes


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    Good to hear your stories ladies, I’ve just got the call for mine in 3 weeks. It couldn’t have come soon enough, the pain and disability this wretched hip caused made the pandemic look like a minor inconvenience. I’m not looking forward to the op (sheer cowardice) despite everyone telling me it’s a breeze, but I can finally see light at the end of this horrible tunnel

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    Fabulous news Lilymary I am thrilled for you. You have suffered so much this last 12 months.🙂