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Hi. I am 64 years old and live on my own in a first floor flat. I have a job I love and a grandson I adore. Yes I know, lucky me. Not feeling so lucky at the moment but trying to be positive by instead of thinking of all the things I can't do: getting dressed, housework, walking, carrying things, stairs, socialising etc etc, trying to think of one day I will have new hips and be able to do it all. As described by my surgeon the osteoarthritis in my left hip is severe and my right hip awful. Also have scoliosis causing a pelvic tilt so back ache 24 hours a day. Have had denervation injections and at first it was heaven but back to same old now. Need a stick to walk. Struggling with everything the day throws at me. Really worried about having to take time off before getting to the top of the dreaded waiting list as will then have no sick leave left. I take Naproxen with Lansoprazole which I believe now gives me a permanent sore throat as have taken it for so long and also take Co-codamol. Any advice on surviving until reaching the top of a waiting list would be much appreciated.


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    Hi@Figgy , and welcome to the group. I’m the same, wrecked left hip, dodgy right hip, now have back pain. I’ve been on the waiting list for over a year and my mobility has been sliding downhill rapidly, particularly in the last few months.

    I’ve had to make so many adjustments in my work (I’m self employed in a very active job) that it’s getting to the stage that if my hip gets much worse I’d have to think about early retirement (I’m 61). I’m on naproxen and cocodamol, and me and my stick have been inseparable for the whole year. I’ve just learnt I needed to find different ways to do things, and allow a lot more time.

    Re-prioritising also helps, assume you only have a limited amount of energy or (relatively) pain free time, and decide what’s really important. I've ditched most ironing, the house isn’t spotlessly clean, the garden wouldn’t stand close scrutiny, and if it wasn’t for my husband doing the cooking (out of a sense of self-preservation), I’d be on salads and ready meals. Make sure you schedule in a lot of time for things you enjoy, and for rest and recovery. Burn out is a bad place to be on top of managing pain.

    Be kind to yourself, and ask for help. Explain to close friends, family and colleagues how this affects you, so they can give emotional and practical support. Fit and healthy people find it very hard to understand how constant pain affects your mood, energy and what you can physically do. They will also understand better when you turn down invites as you’re not feeling up to it that day.

    Distraction is also good for taking your mind off your pain, absorb yourself I something you enjoy, eg work, films, books, music, crafts, chatting on the phone, and (soon) meeting up with good friends and family. Meditation and mindfulness can also help, as being stressed and tense will make your pain worse. When I get sudden pulses of pain I try to completely relax and visualise it flowing away, and it’s surprising how often that’s worked,

    you might also find the exercises on Let’s Move with Leon helpful, you can make it as gentle as you like, but it’s good for gently loosening up the rest of your body and toning up the muscles that support your hip. Getting rid of tension may help your back too. Sadly I found a lot of the exercises made my hip worse, but that’s just me and the quirks of how my hip has fallen apart.

    I hope this helps. Do come on here when things get too much, we all know how that feels. Or just come on for tips, for a natter, or a giggle.

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    Thank you Lilymary for your wonderful reply. I know it’s crazy but it is so good to hear someone in a similar situation. I have sat on the sofa all day today and binge watched tv because I just didn’t have the strength to put up with the pain but I will make more effort tomorrow. You take care and we will both get near the top of that list one day. Thanks again.

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    No shame in having a sofa day. Sometimes we need it, and it's the right thing to do for body and soul. My hip hurts much more when I overdo it, so I actually schedule in sofa days when I've got a lot on. x