Lisagee48 → Saira

Hi sara I’m going threw exactly the same thing with my left knee I had a mri scan last month which showed a meniscal tear as well as athritus, your symptoms seem very much the same as mine I used to work in security so walking and being on my feet was all I did until a year a go.

my meniscal tear affects me badly I knew I had arthritis in my knees but the pain I get when I try walk up and down stairs , even standing for periods of time is much worse along side the arthritis, I’m now waiting for my next appointment in April to see what can be done. I’m not saying you do have the same but it sounds very similar to what I’m dealing with and there are 3 different types of places the tear can happen it’s all around the knee it’s like the shock absorbers that cushion between the bones if that makes sense.

I have tried alsorts to ease the pain but besides a lot of hot baths iv just learned to try live it till I go to my next app.