Ibuleve gel

How often should I use ibuleve gel5% to getthe best results


  • Up to four times a day.

  • Saltmarsh
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    Hullo Northernhippy. Your home-made rubbing ointment sounds fascinating. Would you care to tell more? Also, when you've tried the Ibuleve, whether it is much better than your own, please. Best wishes.

  • Morning, I don’t find the ibuprofen gel to be any better than my home made balms, probably because I don’t like the texture of the gel, it takes so long to massage it into my skin & I’m not sure what the ingredients are. Being an old hippy, I much prefer to use natural remedies where possible (alongside the ton of prescribed meds!) I used to use madivalha balm, imported from India & available in a little shop in glastonbury for only £2, but it became difficult to obtain so I set about making my own and find them very effective.

  • Lilymary
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    I've never found them to be of any benefit at all I'm afraid.

  • airwave
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    You may find that the act of massaging the affected area is the source of relief? Used in connection with pain relief, heat, light, exercise and movement you will find a combination that helps. Certainly for many of us there is no one aid. Cognisant therapy (mindfulness) and activities are a balm for me, I get lost in mine for days at a time.

    its a grin, honest!

  • SarahJS
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    Everyone's experience is different but I agree with @airwave. I use ibuprofen gels myself for my hands and wrists but I don't really see much benefit from them in the long term. They take the edge of when my hands are flaring and hot, but I found that the actual action if massaging the area did more. I often convince my husband to just massage the area with lotion for a little relief.