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My name is Paula. I've been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis for 2 years now and I have been coping ok. However, I'm finding that the pain is getting worse, and while initially my hip joints were affected, recently, sometimes one of my knees just give way, and I've started to notice pains in my hands. I'm not on any pain medication, the normal over the counter medicine doesn't seem to help, and my GP has only prescribed physio, which has been useful in easing the stiffness, but not with the pain. I would appreciate any advice on where to go from here.

It's lovely having a community where I can share my thoughts, as sometimes, people don't appreciate how painful every day life can be.

Thanks for letting me join.


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    Hi @paulamc , nice to meet you. I'm sorry to hear your OA is getting worse. While physio may keep you moving, and working on muscles to support the affected joints will be helpful, it may be worth speaking with your GP about pain relief. There's only so much over-the-counter products can do, and you may now be beyond that stage. Constant pain is debilitating, so keeping it under control will keep you moving (although to be honest they haven't come up with anything that will leave you completely pain free, but it may make it more bearable).

    There are many useful pages on this site for exercises, treatments and pain management for a full range of arthritic conditions, so do explore and see what you can find that you can relate to.

  • Hi @paulamc and welcome to the online community!

    I can see that you have been diagnosed with OA and are looking for some advice. It's good to see that your GP has been supportive in directing you to physio, but as someone who also has OA, I understand your concerns regarding this.

    As Lilymary said, there are many pages on this site that could provide you with some more information should you need it. Of course everyone's situation is different, but it's always a good starting point!

    Here, you can find some general advice about different ways of managing symptoms:

    There are also many lovely people here on our forums who will gladly offer help and support whenever you need it. Please don't hesitate to look around the forums and join in where you feel comfortable.

    Take care,

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    I would ask your GP to refer you to your local Pain Clinic.