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After having a failed ankle distraction and being in constant severe pain. I'm now faced with having an Ankle fusion. Has anyone had one and how have you found life afterwards.



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    Morning Sarah had to google distraction shame it didn't...

    What type of fushion arr you going in for ive had two,Tallus in 18 and sub talar December last year...

    My left ankle collapsed after many years of joint space narrowing foot realigned two screws in front of ankle in plaster for 3 months stupid airboot 8 weeks then learn to wslk again...

    As a gardener my managers splot my work load between 3 of us to 1 ME to ease my work load...

    So arthritis went else where next door in the foot three screws in heal plaster this time 4 months airboot ect no pain Not sure how much movement you have i had none was called Pingu Pete at work...

    I wear high boots which helps had an understanding surgeon who did listen when i said didn'want another steroid jab it worked first time but the pain came back ten fold...

    Would i do it again YES as you have to thinks this is no quality of life being in pain and as others will tell you on here unless you live with some one with arthritis or have it you fell like slapping the person who says its ONLY JOINT PAIN...

    Good luck with your venture and let me know if you need any more info..

  • Good morning. Thank you so much for getting in touch. I'm having a total fusion as the whole joint is gone. Will be in plaster for about 3 months then the boot and learning to walk again. He did say that the arthritis will move further down the foot eventually but I've got it in other joints so hey ho. The other ankle is going to have a replacement when I've got this sorted. All I want is to get rid of some pain. After the distraction I have some movement but I'm unable to walk properly due to the stiffness and pain. The way I walk causes pain in the hip/waist area, this I'm hoping to also get rid off..fingers 🤞.

    My work is really good to me and they have provided me with a special chair/stool so I don't have to stand and they make allowances for me which is great. My consultant is really good also and understands when I tell him to chop my foot off to get rid of pain. Yes I could punch people who complain when they break a nail...they don't know what pain is. Good luck and continued improvement for your foot.

  • Seems the same as my info one yhing i would say is grt a knee elevstion pillow Amazon do on with a grove in it about£30 thry sre great i also have a knee dcooter gumtree/ebsy is yoir frirnd for these...

    Yes the arthritis will spread but i took the Pxxs first time but have behaved this time as for your hip pain its because you are out of body alignment once its sorted it will get better...

    Hope your opp goes ok keep us informed thanks Peter...

  • Thank you for the advice.. I will look into the pillow. Fingers crossed for the hip pain.

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    Hope that helps

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