I have a date for my new hip!

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Hi everyone. After a long wait, followed by Covid related delay when I was all set for this last year, I am now scheduled for my new hip in 2 weeks.

Am getting nervous, as I have been lucky enough never to spend a night in hospital since I was too young to know about it.

Also, in all the booklets I’ve been given it doesn’t say what I need to buy in the form of assistance aids, like a grabber or sock helpers. I don’t live alone but will want to dress myself etc, rather than wait for help every time.

All advice is welcome and thank you.


  • Hi @HipopGina, and welcome to the online community! It's lovely to have you join us.

    Congratulations on getting your hip replacement scheduled! I can imagine you are feeling a strange mixture of relief and nerves at the moment as you have been waiting so long. It's normal to be nervous about surgery, but I'm sure you will be glad you had it done.

    Of course everyone's experience is different but you might find this post from last week helps to settle your nerves a little: A new hip — Versus Arthritis. And here's a link to a discussion from last month that you might find informative: Mobility Aids and Helping Aids — Versus Arthritis. It seems like the consensus is that you should do what you can to keep from putting strain on your new hip if you want a quick and successful recovery - there are mobility aids available, but don't be afraid to ask for help from whoever you live with either.

    You might also find this page helpful:

    Would be lovely to have some advice from other members with personal experiences. In the meantime, please continue to browse the community and join in any discussion you like.

    Best wishes, Sarah (moderator) x

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    Hi @HipopGina I'm in the same position, the booklets are terrifying, but it can't come soon enough, as the prospects for the next 12 months were looking pretty grim. The recovery period doesn't sound great, but two friends who had theirs done last year have both said it was amazing and have recovered really quickly. This is the last big push to the summit.....!

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    Hi @HipopGina

    I had a new hip last December and was very relieved that the whole process was very efficient. I was given a week's notice before the op, the Occupational Therapy department at the hospital rang me to confirm various facts e.g. the height of the toilet, of the dining chair and sitting room chair. Plus did I have a downstairs toilet and bathroom etc. All this information was then passed on to my local OT team who delivered a toilet seat and grab frame and a box containing a grabber, long shoe horn. sock aid and long handled sponge. All free of charge. None of which they wanted returned - I am keeping them in case I have to have another hip or knee done in the future, heaven forbid. They did not want the crutches back either!

    The hospital experience was as good as I could have wished for with numbers of Covid tests and hand sanitiser everywhere which was reassuring. No visitors of course and unfortunately very poor phone reception so I had to rely on the ward phone once a day to talk with my family.

    I am now walking a couple of miles everyday and using Lets Move with Leon exercises to strengthen up my muscles which after a years delay due to the pandemic and four years of pain before that were weak. I do have the occasional twinge and I ache when I am tired in the evening but it is a positive pain so I just take paracetamol.

    Good luck with your operation, I hope it helps improve your quality of life it certainly has been marvellous for me.

    Take care


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    Thank you both for the encouraging comments.

    Maybe our health board just don’t give out the grabbers - or not until you get to hospital. I already have the bathroom aids etc here already (from when I was due to get this done last year) .

    I’ve missed getting a proper walk so much and it’s great to know that you are already able to manage a couple of miles Janiebin. I hope all continues to go well for you.

    All best wishes,

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    Fabulous news for you @HipopGina , @janiebin and @Lilymary I am so very very pleased.🙂

    Now you can do a joint (no pun intended) recovery thread. I have often re-posted a thread which went on for a whole summer when several members had their knees done at the same time.

    Threads like those really help people like you who are about to embark on their own journeys.