JIA, depression, anxiety, regionalised pain amplification syndrome and feeling blah.

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First of all I want to say hi to everyone out there. My name is jess and I'm 18, i have had arthritis since i was 2 and a half. (Both knees, right foot and ankle, fingers and left hip.)

Since then other chronic conditions have decided to join the party.

Yes I have a lot going on, and I do complain a lot. Sorry in advance!

I have a question for anyone willing to answer, my sleep is extremely disturbed and I often wake up with back pain and hip pain. I struggle getting to sleep on a night due to the anxiety of waking up in pain. I fall asleep during the day from a lack of sleep.

I have tried to reset my sleep pattern so many times and I just cant seem to get there. At the moment I'm waking up at 3am every day and cant seem to get back to sleep until 10 mins before I have to get put of bed for college.

Anyone else had this problem or similar experience able to help please?

Thank you very much for listening, wishing you all the best.


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    Good morning @Gravity_checker

    Welcome to our Versus Arthritis forum, here you will find our members are friendly, helpful and empathic, they will answer your queries/questions as they have found them as relate to their own conditions.

    You are experiencing a lot of related conditions to your JIA. If you wake and cannot get back to sleep that in itself will affect your other conditions. I have osteoarthritis and I have had many months/years of lack of sleep. Have you heard of the "weighted blankets" ? I have been lucky, having purchased one I have had a much better sleep pattern.

    Versus Arthritis produce many booklets and leaflets and below are links to some which may be of interest to you :

    All about JIA | Versus Arthritis

    Top tips for good sleep | Versus Arthritis

    Arthritis and depression: what you can do about it (versusarthritis.org)

    I hope that you will get help and more advice from our forum members. Looking forward to seeing your future posts and seeing how your coping.

    Take care, best wishes