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My nickname is Doll, at least it's one of them.

I have Rheumatoid arthritis along with Osteoarthritis, COPD Brochiecstasis etc etc. Woe is me lol. I love crafts, all sorts and they keep me sane. I'm quite a happy soul and feel in blessed with many good friend and wonderful family. 2 grown kids, 4 grandbabies, 1 of which is an angel 👼since age 5. Albeit often breathless and in lots of pain my life is good overall.


  • Lilymary
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    Hi @Doll . welcome to the group. And well done creating a happy life around yourself despite all the stuff your body throws at you to deal with. It's always encouraging to hear stories like this, so many who are diagnosed early in life fear that life will be a constant painful miserable slog, but while you have had to deal with pain for so long, you've carved out a good life for yourself.

    We look forward to hearing more of your story. Join in whenever you like, including when you're feeling fed up and want a moan - this is the place to come. We all know how it feels, particularly when there are times you're having to put a brave face on it. It's ok to not feel ok sometimes.

  • SarahJS
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    Hi @Doll,

    It's nice to meet you! Good to see that you manage to keep yourself sane too with your crafts and your lovely family!

    As @Lilymary said, we all know how it feels so any time you want to have a natter we're here!


  • Jona
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    Hi Doll,

    hello and welcome you’ve come to the right place without the lovely people here I’d have gone daft they’re so helpful and really brilliant how are you at knitting? I’ve just picked up my needles again thought it would help the arthritis in my hands I usually squeeze 2 balls whoops pun unintended but I have a nak for saying the wrong things 😊

    anyway enjoy and take care of you wear your I’m a survivor badge with pride 💪😊

    love Jona