My Yesterdays

rondetto Member Posts: 2,525

My breath`s a little shorter now,

My strength is not so strong,

My step is slow, and faltering,

It`s hard to get along.

My body`s less the straighter now,

My ears will miss your word,

My speech to those around me,

Sometimes will not be heard.

My eyes are dulled of vision now,

My bones all ache with pain,

My skeleton is used away,

But some things still remain.

My memory is young, and bright,

Still vibrant in it`s way,

With brief reminds of history,

That happened, `yesterday`.

For `yesterday`, I fell in love,

And `yesterday`, we kissed,

And `yesterday`, you went away,

Though still today you`re missed.

But `yesterday`, was `years ago`,

That`s what other people say,

But not to me, for in my heart,

Yesterday, was `yesterday`.



  • Jewels
    Jewels Member Posts: 201

    That's really nice x

  • rondetto
    rondetto Member Posts: 2,525

    What's the use of crying, in a Yesterday that's gone?

    What's the point of worrying, in a Tomorrow not yet born?

    Why not live in bliss and joy and peace?

    In the present moment be happy, be happy, can we please?

    Be happy in the NOW, this moment is a Gift

    Smile and dance and celebrate, don't just exist or drift

    It is in this moment, that we can choose to be happy and glad.

    Let's not lose this moment, to memories that make us sad.

  • Lilymary
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    Lovely words @rondetto , and so true