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I have a meniscus tear arthritis in knee feet ,ankle and thumb joints . I need to exercise to lose weight and to strengthen knee and ankle joints. I'm fine on the bike ,nothing hurts. My meniscus tear hurts to walk on but is better with a knee support. It also feels better immediately after exercise. Now my ankles and feet hurt when I walk . I do fixate on things an now imagine I've damaged my foot and ankle due to exercise bike . I turned my foot a few weeks ago and am now imagining festering fractures , and all sorts. I am seeing the nurse in 3 weeks to discuss the results of my efforts I can ask her to look at my ankle and foot then. I want to continue with the exercise bike as I'm quite enjoying it . Nothing hurts while I'm in bed ( no pain killers needed ) . I'm hoping not to further damage feet and ankles x I'm sure its arthritis reacting to the exercise . Any thoughts . I want to keep moving.


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    Beginning any exercise regime - either new or restarting after a break - needs to be done in stages and within reasonable comfort levels. Restricting yourself to length of time and intensity on your exercise bike is really important in order not to cause injuries from over-straining muscles, tendons and ligaments.

    If you haven't had any expert training in riding an exercise bike it might help to attend at least one beginners' lesson to make sure your foot position is correct so there is no recurrence of your mishap.

    If you are really concerned about possible fractures or other serious injury you should stop exercising altogether until you have had x-rays, for which your GP or NHS 111 can direct you to the nearest hospital.

    I do hope all turns out well and that you are soon able to share your nurse's advice on future activity as that could be of help to others.